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New Technologies for eCommerce: Grow Your Business Faster

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Digitalization is at its peak, and innovations are a never-ending story. If you are a business owner and planning to grow your company, adding the latest technology stack is crucial. It is the only way to survive in the current market. Nowadays, growing companies dominate traditional markets and businesses by implementing and integrating the latest software or tools to automate business operations. Especially, start-ups see technology as an advantage to grow in today’s market.

Follow these three steps to grow your business in the current market.

New Technologies for eCommerce

Automation – ERP, CRM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Metaverse, and Big Data

Did you know you could learn more about your customer by implementing the latest technology? Big Data helps you improve marketing strategies and provides a personalized touch before selling goods and services to users. For example, you can collect user data when they visit your app and understand their research pattern. The system automatically helps you know why a customer abandoned the shopping cart. Use automation tools such as AI to assist users, advantage machine learning to improve your app, and offer new ways to shop with Metaverse or Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

ERP is suitable for all types of business. Enterprise resource planning software is used to automate business operations like reports, sales analysis, inventory management, invoices, customer analysis and management, marketing, HR, supply chain management, accounting, and manufacturing. It is one of the best ways to manage your online business with ERP.

Tip – Use ERP, CRM, and AI-powered tools to manage your online business.

Omnichannel – Seamless experience across the entire platform

Omnichannel creates a portal that enables you to manage online and offline stores (marketplaces, social media platforms, search engines, websites, and mobile applications) from a single dashboard. It provides an effective way to bring multiple channel data to a portal. In addition to that, you can manage and take necessary actions in Omnichannel for sales, inventory, and customers for all your stores. It saves time and enables you to take essential and faster steps to obtain a better service.

Tip – Develop a custom Omnichannel that can meet your business needs.

AI Chatbot – Effective customer support and real-time interactions in eCommerce

A chatbot adds a fantastic feature to your online store and delivers human-like assistance to customers. It provides help and customer support to users (one or more than one customer at once). Software is connected with the entire backend system to understand user profiles to provide the necessary support. The chatbot makes accessible following communication with automatic and custom replies. A chatbot can also assist the customer in completing their shopping experience. They provide easy navigation that can fulfill customer needs.

Tip – Chatbots increase revenue and enable you to provide better customer support.

Cloud Computing – Movie your business online

Cloud computing enables you to move your entire business operations online, so you do not have to worry about running to the office and completing tasks. It also minimizes infrastructure and hardware costs added to business development. Cloud computing gives you the facility to work from your comfort zone and connect with your business 24/7. It is one of the trending technologies in the market, and several businesses are moving to the cloud to boost productivity.

Tip – Move your business to the cloud and enjoy the latest updates that can boost your revenue.

User-friendly Application—high-end features with easy navigation

It is important to use the latest technologies such as Magento, React Native, Python, etc., to develop an optimized eCommerce store. The advantage of using the latest technology to create a store is improving the customer shopping experience and providing them an easy app to browse products and services.

Magento is a leading open-source platform to develop an eCommerce website. It has incredible features that can enable you to streamline your online business and provide user-friendly features on the front end.

Tip – Decrease load time of your Application and website to drive more sales.

Extensive Personalization: Providing a Shopping Experience Based on Personal Consumer Preferences

Understanding your customer mindset can help you to improve marketing strategies. Personalization is the most significant trend in eCommerce right now. To provide a personalized shopping experience, you have to understand your customer, collect quality data, and leverage artificial intelligence. You can create relevancy in your store by recommending products, displaying products based on the user’s last search, and providing easy navigation between products and service categories. Extensive personalization can help you in conversational marketing, increasing your sales.

Tip – To decrease the cart abandon rate, create an efficient checkout process.

Mobile Application and Responsive websites: Smoothen the User Experience

Nowadays, mobile devices are popular for surfing the internet. It is one of the convenient ways to reach brands, friends, and online customers faster. An increase in usage of mobile devices creates an amazing opportunity to target more users. Search engine like Google ranks website that is mobile responsive. It allows users to find helpful links faster and navigate easily. It is advisable to create a mobile responsive website. Moreover, you can also develop an eCommerce mobile application to provide a seamless experience to existing customers and attract new customers.

Tip – Develop a mobile responsive website to streamline the user experience.

Important features to add to your existing eCommerce in 2022

Fast & Secured eWallet Functionality: Create your eWallet to enable customers to pay effectively and faster.

High-Quality Videos and Graphics: Create branding, products, and tutorial videos to capture consumer attention.

Voice and Image Search: Add an advanced search filter to allow customers to search products and services effectively and quicker.

Analytics AI: Understand your operations marketing strategies and grow your company with advanced reports and analytics.

Marketing Automation: Utilize platforms like HubSpot, Buffer, and SEMrush to automate online marketing and get comprehensive data about your campaign and customers.

Bottom Line

Implementing the latest technological solutions in your business is crucial to remaining competitive. We wrote this blog to make you aware of new technologies that you can use in your eCommerce business to grow faster. We help our clients implement and integrate new technology in their business without interrupting existing services. Our end-to-end business solutions help our clients to focus on their core competencies. If you have any questions related to eCommerce, contact our experts today.

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