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Why eCommerce Website Support and Maintenance are as Important as Development

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In today’s digital age, eCommerce websites have become critical for businesses. Businesses are increasingly embracing eCommerce to reach customers and expand their sales channels, thus the eCommerce industry is developing rapidly. Additionally, the competition is strong because there are millions of eCommerce websites online. A better user experience can help you gain the upper hand and encourage daily visits from a large number of users. However, with increased usage comes higher risk, which is where eCommerce web support and maintenance services come in.

This blog will discuss the advantages and reasons why eCommerce web support and maintenance are as important as development.

What is eCommerce Web Support & Maintenance? 

The process of monitoring a website for significant vulnerabilities and updating it regularly is known as website maintenance and support. This procedure should be followed consistently to ensure that the website can provide the best user experience and promote ongoing traffic growth.

Support for a website and regular maintenance helps keep an eCommerce website updated and functional and improve its SEO and Google rankings.

Why are eCommerce Web Support and Maintenance Services Vital? 

An eCommerce website needs to be properly maintained now more than ever. The reason is straightforward: It helps optimize website performance and prevents lost purchases. Your eCommerce website must have flawless design and content to impress your visitors.

Also, eCommerce web development primarily aims to generate revenue. The ease of navigation of your website can have a huge impact on your sales and profits. For example, users may come to your online store to make a purchase, but if they have trouble paying after adding items to their cart, they may easily become frustrated and leave. Sales and profitability will eventually decline as a result. You must therefore take action to maintain an updated, virus-free eCommerce website.

You can keep your website updated by enlisting support services for eCommerce businesses. As a result, you can significantly boost traffic to your website. Google prioritizes websites that are updated frequently for this reason. As a result, you can rank in SERPs quickly and improve visitors.

Next, let’s discuss some reasons and benefits of support and maintenance services for an eCommerce business:

eCommerce Website Support Benefits

#1. Greater Site Security

One of the key reasons any business owner must choose support and maintenance services relates to security. Maintenance is essential for keeping your website secure, regardless of the size of your business.

Hackers typically gain access to a website’s data illicitly by taking advantage of flaws in out-of-date software and security fixes. Older websites are typically more prone to cyberattacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to stop security breaches before they occur. Your website’s weak spot (vulnerability) is often its plugins. Too many or outdated plugins could lead to problems; thus, we strongly urge you to ensure that the most recent security and bug fixes are correctly applied to your website.

For such factors, we strongly recommend that you protect your website with concrete security measures. Keep your website updated with the most recent security patches, avoid using expired security certificates, constantly update plugins, and perform regular health and security checks.

#2. Boosts SEO Ranking 

The foundation of a high-performing website is SEO. Unless you have significant financial support, SEO is crucial for any e-commerce business.

Search engines reward websites that are consistently updated, release fresh, relevant material, and provide a seamless user experience. Updating your website may help increase conversion rates, online traffic, and SEO rankings.

Monitoring your traffic and user behavior is highly recommended to help you discover which pages have the lowest bounce rates.

#3. Lower Cart Abandonment Rates

The term “abandonment” is frequently used in eCommerce to describe the specific behavior of a website user where he/she leaves a webpage before completing the desired tasks.

According to a report from Statista, the US online shopping cart abandonment rate in 2022 was 84% for mobile phones.

Thanks to quality support services, the frequency of shopping cart abandonment can be decreased. You can therefore attend to and address technical issues before a visitor notices them.

#4. Backup Files

A website support and maintenance team’s main task is to back up all the files on the website. There are two ways to do this: manually or automatically. Malware attacks could occur if you fail to regularly back up your data. Consider the consequences of skipping this stage and starting your website from scratch. Monthly backup is highly recommended for straightforward informational websites. However, you should consider backing up your website more frequently if you have a complex one with dynamic information and continuously changing graphics.

#5. Improves Website Speed

Your eCommerce site is likely becoming sluggish as it gets older and has more data on it. Users may leave your website if it takes too long for the pages to load (a load time longer than 5 seconds is often too long for most visitors). This could ultimately have a significant effect on sales. Keep your CMS up to date, make sure to put cache plugins in place, and reduce the size of the images on your eCommerce websites to reduce the loading time of your website.

#6. Optimizes user experience

Lead generation and increased conversion rates result from an efficient website maintenance strategy that is managed by a knowledgeable website support services staff.

Your website must always perform and meet visitor expectations. You should regularly deploy tactics on your website to improve the user experience and ultimately lead to more conversions. A poorly functioning website hurts your ability to sell your brand to both potential and current customers. Hiring eCommerce support and maintenance services may help you address issues with your website’s technical setup, such as page loading issues, grammar mistakes, broken links, spelling mistakes, etc.

#7. Routine Backend Updates

Front-end and back-end are the two main components of a website. Layers of code typically surround the complex back-end part. You’ll need expert knowledge in this situation.

Poor backend design can cause you to lose revenue because it constitutes your website’s foundation. Performance must be ensured through routine website plugins, hosting services, and database security maintenance. These must also be backed up just in case a restoration is required. Timely updates and backups are necessary; website support and maintenance services make this feasible.

#8. Boosts Brand Awareness

A brand’s website is a platform for showcasing its narrative, products, and services. As a result, you must maintain your websites and increase brand visibility while maintaining updated content. Mobile-responsive websites and other components give internet users a positive first impression of your company around the world.

What would happen if your eCommerce website wasn’t maintained?

  • Insufficient security leaves websites vulnerable to hackers.
  • The website might not be updated in the future.
  • Rankings may be affected by irregular updates.
  • It may lessen traffic flow.

By enlisting support and maintenance services for an eCommerce business, you can resolve security issues with your website, such as 404 errors, broken links, bugs, etc. The effectiveness of your site will suffer if you have these security problems. Your website will be protected from this by regular site upkeep.


In short, eCommerce web development and support & maintenance are two entirely different undertakings. Both services, however, require a lot of work and must be performed by a web app developer. You can stay one step ahead of the competition by providing your target clients with the best possible user experience on an eCommerce website.

Lack of company branding, security breaches, and subpar website performance all contribute to decreased visitors and sales.  Hence, hiring an eCommerce web development company is a quicker and more effective solution if you want to avoid struggling with this significant task yourself.

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