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Marketing Analytics

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Marketing Analytics from Analytix helps you to measure and analyze marketing metrics to maximize the impact of your strategy and implementation and optimize return on investment (ROI). We enable organizations and marketing specialist to build efficiency and minimize web marketing expenses.

Our marketing analytics solution and tools create data intensive insights into customer behavior and response, brand assessment and customer track-records that enables you to plan your marketing campaigns to optimize the outcome.

Market Analytics Market Analytics

Market Analytics

Expertise and skills enable you to assess and dissect your market data for strategies

Visitor Analytics Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics

Analyze visitor activity on your website for periodicity and frequency of visit to optimize

Market Optimization Market Optimization

Market Optimization

Metrics-based methodology to prescribe marketing action for each customer group or segment.

Market Analytics

Our Market Analytix enables you to position effectively against completion, market dynamics and provides the ingredients to create the strategy to survive and build the business. We also help you to understand your market and enhance your presence in a new market.

Analytix expertise and skills enable you to assess and dissect your market data and create your business advantage. Our custom curated analysis of your market data supports your strategic decision making towards new market-entry, growing business in existing markets and enable business consolidation.

Market Analytics

Visitor Analytics

Our solutions help you to grow your business and win more customers assessing your visitor’s data and their activity on your website. We use data-driven visitor segmentation and analyze their behavior and make the necessary recommendations for your website that will enhance your business.

The process involves checking analyzing where your visitors come from, the duration of their activity on your website, periodicity and frequency of their visit and thus plan to optimize your website to increase visits. This is the key element of our Site Performance Analysis & Optimization.

Visitor Analytics

Market Optimization

We rum marketing optimization supporting marketing campaigns based on customer types & segmentations to increase the ROI and convert more prospects to customers, enhance customers’ investment and lower customer loss. This optimization analysis is extremely impactful to e-commerce, online and SaaS based businesses.
Our unique approach based on metrics-based methodology prescribes the marketing action for each customer group or segment. This predictive analysis creates long-term economic benefit of each marketing action.

Market Optimization

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