Software Engineering July 8, 2019

How Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) Can Grow Business by Partnerships

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

ISVs need a technology partner to build robust and scalable solutions that helps them grow. There is cut-throat competition and delivering a superior product ahead of the competition is the only way to survive in the market. So why choose a partnership business model for ISVs?

What Benefits Do ISVs Gain from Partnerships?

Domain Expertise and Scalability

Your IT partner brings an agile and lean mindset, industry knowledge, robust IT infrastructure, domain expertise, and a skilled talent pool. This allows you to focus on the strategy and product roadmap to grow your ISV business. Rather than trying to build expertise yourself, which otherwise would require huge investments and time, you can hire skilled resources who bring functional area expertise on various platforms. Additionally, you can quickly scale, on demand, both the development team and the IT infrastructure, allowing work to be completed more quickly. The fewer hours dedicated will reduce cost and the product can have a sooner release.

Integration and Product Development

ISVs often lack expertise in integrating software and feature enhancements into products and services.  Since the partner IT company has an agile environment, they can help your ISV at every stage of product development, from product ideation and technical architecture to development and even enhancing features to incorporate evolving business needs. Partner IT companies help ISV product development achieve higher efficiency, faster-time-to-market, and better quality of software.

Quality Assurance

The technology partner has a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to accelerate product development. Additionally, following the agile methodology, CICD testing and rigorous quality checks ensure that the product is stable and delivers a rich customer experience.


ISVs suffer from a lack of sufficient resources for testing applications at different levels to identify errors and fine-tune the performance experience. Choosing an IT partner allows ISVs to leverage a comprehensive suite of testing frameworks, including CDCI, to perform automated, manual, and load testing to ensure quality, reliability, overall security, and durability.

Release Management

The limited scope of release management, insufficient management transparency, and control of the process often hampers release management at the ISV level. An IT partner helps the ISV tap into DevOps, continuous application development, and deployment, to improve efficiencies in release management.

Ready to Connect and Grow ISV Business?

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