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How High-Quality Software Drives Business Growth

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Analytix Marketing

Digital transformation and the speed at which businesses across diverse industries have adopted technologies have matched and accelerated the growing need for seamless communication between businesses and their customers. According to a FinancesOnline report, the top benefits of adopting a digital business model include:

  • Improving operational efficiency (40%)
  • Meeting evolving customer expectations (35%)

In terms of digital transformation — which implies the influence of new tech on core business processes and services — the report finds:

  • Introducing digital technologies can help accelerate progress on goals such as financial returns, workforce diversity, etc.

Optimizing digital assets is the first step towards ensuring digital adoption and is something that helps increase ROI. However, digital adoption by itself may not lead to high profitability. Aligning business goals with digital or tech deployment is one way to optimize ROI.

Here are four ways in which high-quality, customized software drives business growth:

customized high-quality software

#1. Drive better collaboration

Effective tech deployment is not just an IT department concern; it allows businesses to carry out work faster, with fewer errors and corrections. Customized technology and software deployment help improve automation, thus allowing high-volume work to be carried out swiftly, effectively, and with minimal errors. Additionally, robust reporting, communication, and notification capabilities help stakeholders across the business stay informed. For example, information on your business’s financial solvency and cash flow can help drive expansion and allow you to make better investment decisions. Research shows how tech adoption has catalyzed more efficient collaboration among businesses, thus helping business leaders across various industries make more informed decisions. Online reports reveal that 78% of heads of IT departments say they are communicating with their company’s board of directors more than ever after adopting digital technologies.

 #2. Better integration across operations 

Most businesses utilize different types of technology tools for various purposes and operations. These are often built on different operating systems and utilize different infrastructures. When integrated effectively, custom software applications function as a single unit that cohesively contributes to the business’s overall operations.

Customized software allows businesses to integrate and combine the advantages of various tools, a process that allows them to add value across all client and customer deliverables.

#3. Be future-prepared

Customized software can help businesses become better prepared for the future, especially since technology is evolving at a phenomenal rate. Customized software can:

  • Help businesses embrace new and emerging technologies;
  • Add value to business offerings and deliverables;
  • Ensure the business continues to address dynamic customer requirements effectively;
  • Adapt to newer innovations without affecting current business requirements; and
  • Save on expenses that would otherwise be allocated to regularly upgrade to newer technology.

#4. Increased adaptability

Increased adaptability is a considerable advantage of customized software and one of the main reasons it can help businesses quickly adapt to new, emerging, and future-facing technologies.

Custom software development and deployment, when handled by professionals such as outsourcing partners, can allow businesses to leverage the advantages of different programming practices (such as low code and no code), application of automation, application of AI, and the development of versatile and different web apps (such as Progressive web apps). Professional partnerships can help businesses benefit from the knowledge of experts who can review, assess, and help develop the right solutions.

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