E-commerce Solutions August 4, 2021

Build Your Ecommerce Website for Success and Encourage Customer Engagement

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Just as with traditional brick and mortar businesses, an eCommerce website needs to work on attracting and engaging customers to ensure successful retention and further conversion. Metrics such as conversion rates can help businesses determine whether leads are being converted as planned. A low conversion rate indicates that prospective customers may not be converting.

Here are some features in a website that can help add to your eCommerce business:

Your website should be engaging and attractive

Your website is an introduction to your eCommerce business and much of your business success depends on it. How relevant the website proves to be to the customer depends on multiple factors, including ease of navigation, products and services listings, descriptions, visuals, payment process and options.

Are your visitors adding to their shopping cart? Do they review details for product and services listings? An understanding of this data can help businesses make relevant corrections where required.

Payment options must be trustworthy

Completing the purchase includes visiting the payment site, filling in pertinent financial information, and closing the purchase.

There can be multiple glitches such as the website not responding after the basic card information has been completed, or the page not moving ahead as expected, or the information showing unexpected errors. Any of these glitches can be enough to scare a visitor into thinking their financial information may not be safe. Payment gateways can make or break a purchase. Businesses need to build strong security to ensure payment gateways do not pose problems.

Trustworthy payment gateways can go a long way in nurturing customer trust. Businesses would do well by investing attention in securing payment processes that are free of glitches and security breaches.

Add value to deliverables; review analytics

Visitors are interested in your website if they stay, create an account, or add items to their shopping cart or browse services, and complete a purchase. If you have a newsletter, then visitors signing up for a subscription can also be a parameter for measuring conversion.

Value additions can include financial incentives such as attractive deals or discounts. Communicating with your target audience and potential customers is a convenient way to show them you are tuned into them and are listening to what they want from you.

Offering information or signing them up for events that can contribute positively to business building, such as networking and knowledge sharing events, can help convey commitment and intent.

The need for professional assistance

Building a successful eCommerce website involves understanding how visitors interact and engage with your business online. Businesses can install relevant metrics and study analytics to gain a better understanding of what the audience wants from them. Entrusting professionals to carry out critical eCommerce development, especially elements such as a user-friendly website, a reliable payment gateway, and back-end website analytics, can help with long-term success and momentum.

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