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        Is Outsourcing the Key to Digital Transformation Success?

        by | June 11, 2020 | 3:17 pm
        Outsourcing the Key to Digital Transformation Success

        COVID-19 has pushed organizations to accelerate digital transformation. It is difficult for those companies that have not yet begun the transition to digital. Many organizations that were delaying digital transformation have been caught off-guard. Perhaps there is a silver lining for organizations in the age of COVID-19 as consumer demand for digital solutions has grown considerably. Thus, the opportunity to embrace digital transformation has never been greater.

        According to a recent OpsRamp survey of 137 IT managers digital transformation is at the forefront of priorities for most CIOs. The survey reveals that 73% of IT operations and DevOps teams expect to accelerate or maintain digital transformation initiatives.

        As companies search for cheaper, faster, and more effective ways to achieve digital transformation, outsourced resources can be an excellent and very viable option.

        1. A pool of skilled personnel

        Outsourcing gives you access to world-class specialists in both mature and new technologies. It further allows you flexibility in hiring personnel to supplement your technology expertise and add capabilities you may lack. Thus, you may take on just one person with a particular skill or use a fully dedicated team, which will be accountable to you.

        2. Vetted experts with experience

        Digital transformation cannot be tackled with just in-house resources, who often lack experience and expertise in emerging technologies. Outsourcing provides you vetted experts who have hands-on experience in technologies critical to digital transformation, from big data, Blockchain, data science, and enterprise mobility, to AI and RPA. Digital transformation is different for each industry and therefore requires industry-specific experience. Industry experts provide significant value in both scale and speed of digital transformation implementation in your company.

        3. Cost-savings and scalability

        Outsourcing eliminates the need to invest in IT infrastructure, buy expensive licenses, and pay for office facilities. In addition, an IT outsourcing partner gives you the flexibility to scale the size of your team based on your business demand and internal requirements. Thus, scalable resources fill any technology gaps and save money and valuable time.

        4. Helps mitigate risks

        Navigating a company’s digital transformation journey requires a structured strategy. There are many challenges to a successful digital transformation. An outsourcing partner brings industry knowledge, technology expertise, and experience, allowing you to accelerate digital transformation and mitigate risks.

        5. Leverage the latest technology and security

        Digital transformation is as much about shedding outdated processes and legacy technology as it is about embracing new technology. An outsourcing IT partner helps companies innovate by leveraging the latest technologies and best security practices. By combining the power of big data, analytics, mobility, IoT, automation, and cloud, organizations can make product integrations and upgrades in a timely and effective manner.

        Becoming a digital business is not optional – it is essential to continued success. The COVID-19 crisis has showcased the value of digital transformation. As businesses adapt to the new normal, outsourcing will be key to digital transformation success. We at Analytix IT help organizations integrate people, processes, and insight to re-engineer the products, services, and experiences you offer to your customers.

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