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Why Your Business Needs A B2B Portal

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Business-to-business (B2B) web portals are increasing because of faster development in the eCommerce sector. We are observing buyers opting for online shopping for their personal needs more than ever. Are you ready to move your business online? If yes, then continue reading to get a good grip on insights to evolve your traditional business to online commerce.

A B2B portal gives customers access to shop at their convenience through the internet. It moves business online so that anyone can browse your products and services anytime.

This helps the business connect with many new buyers as well as established customers who find it easier to purchase goods. It shows that the business cares for them and is ready to evolve with times and needs. This is essential for your business to hold its existing customers as well as to encourage new ones.

Top 10 B2B Portal Benefits

1. Account management

Web portals allow customers to manage their accounts from their devices. There is no need to maintain a customer’s account as the system handles everything for you in the backend. You can add customized features to simplify your work.

You can also connect with customers directly and promote offers to them personally based on their account type.

2. Product portfolio

Showcase product catalogues to the whole world from your website and allow customers to view and buy them anytime from anywhere. This allows customers to study products thoroughly before making a purchase.

3. Advance shopping experience

Online shopping makes it easier for customers to order products from anywhere. They don’t have to visit a physical store. With simple clicks, they get products delivered at their doorsteps.

4. Quote request

Buyers always need exact quotations and detail to complete the purchase. It is one of the major concerns in the B2B market. But with online services, customers can request a free quote online at ease without going back and forth. Their query will be answered automatically and they will get the quote in seconds.

5. Bulk ordering and multiple pricing

To simplify this process, a B2B portal comes with a set of rules that allow customers to order specific quantities at specific prices. You don’t even have to worry about price settings as the system calculates it automatically based on your formula.

If a customer buys a certain quantity, discounts can be offered based on that quantity.

6. Online customer support

Today’s web portal comes with advanced technologies like live chatbots that interact with users similarly to the way humans interact. This simplifies answers to customer questions in the best possible way. These bots are custom designed to interact with customers based on certain commands. They can also help customers to buy the right products based on their needs.

Chatbot has capabilities to replace your customer support executives and sales managers.

7. Stock management

Inventory management is one of the difficult tasks in any business. To ease this job, web portals efficiently and accurately manage stocks.

8. User friendliness

Online B2B portals are designed to make the shopping experience easier at every step. Robust portals come with search options, product demos, proper redirection, better payment gateways and filters.

Customers can easily add and customize the cart at any step of buying too. This is how your business can save money with B2B portal benefits.

9. Seamless integration

The eCommerce portals can integrate with any of your existing technology to maintain workflow. A portal also allows you to connect with different marketplaces, social media channels, ERP, and CMS applications.

10. Business analysis tools

These tools are an important part of a B2B portal. They allow you to set realistic targets to enhance the sales cycle and automatically improve your business strategies. With these tools, you will have a deep understanding of your company and user data.

Who needs a B2B portal?

Any organization that sells products in the local market can utilize a B2B web portal and grow its market. A B2B portal delivers all the above features and most importantly, it provides better results to enhance your core business.

Estimated 20 million eCommerce portals 93.5% of internet users purchase products online.

The more you wait to take your business online, the more lost.

What are the requirements of a B2B portal?

eCommerce platform

Magento is one of the leading open-source platforms and comes with many features to run a successful eCommerce business online.

Cloud hosting

Cloud-based websites can promise uptime and great customer support.

Business analysts

They study your business, customer, and completions, and provide analysis to develop an advanced and influential web portal.

Web developers

Hiring good developers plays an important role in building a robust website with profound solutions to prevent mistakes.

Content providers

Content providers are an essential part of any web portal because they drive your customer to complete the shopping experience. Experts follow strict guidelines to get content right because everything depends on it. This includes pictures, colors, words, and all-over graphics.

UI and UX

The first impression is the last. It is thus important to ensure that the web portal is compatible to all devices and platforms and has a user-friendly interface. This makes the customers can feel comfortable while shopping.

Web portal optimization

Optimization of the website can decrease loading time which allows customers to browse products faster and seamlessly.

High-end security

Customers love to shop on eCommerce websites that are secured and guarantee their data is safe. It is advisable to follow and take all the security measures to protect your business and user data.

Digital marketing team

Having a digital marketing team helps you reach more customers and spread the word quickly. A digital marketing team has techniques to beat your competitors and put you first in the customer search.

B2B portals enhances business prospects

B2B web portals offer a wide range of options to grow your business. A B2B portal provides business insights to improve sales and grow the company. Web portals automate most of your day-to-day activities so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Efficiency and productivity
  • More customers
  • Data analysis
  • Brand awareness
  • Automation
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster delivery
  • Digital market
  • Scalability

Features to add in a B2B portal

  • Attractive web design
  • Responsive web pages
  • Call to actions
  • Seamless product pages
  • Product demo and guide option
  • Easy navigation between pages
  • Chatbot
  • Detailed view of category and subcategory
  • High-resolution gallery
  • Landing page
  • Services pages
  • Contact page
  • Subscription section and newsletter sign up
  • Blog page

If you need personalized insights on how you can enhance your business with B2B Portal Development, contact us now. Our consultants will guide you and help you make a decision.

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