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Understanding the B2B Portal

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Today, the most common way of buying and selling is evolving to online commerce. The definition of traditional business has changed. Customers are enjoying online shopping more than ever. They are getting more comfortable with the digital buying experience as their primary shopping method. With this, many robust online businesses are both acquiring existing businesses and making traditional businesses irrelevant.

Entrepreneurs and competitors may steal your ideas, your business and your customers by moving faster in the eCommerce era with advanced web portal development.

This is one of the reasons your business may struggle. It’s never too late, however. We are eager to help you grow your B2B company faster with the robust B2B portal.

A web portal comes with the technology to automate your business and provide a solid solution. Analytix has successfully provided Web Portal Development services to many clients.

Solutions delivered are changing the entire scenario and market cap for our clients.

B2B Portal – An eCommerce Story

Why complicate things? B2B portal is the same as your local business. In a portal, you have managers, a team to manage stocks, an accounting team, and all the other departments to run a successful company.

Most importantly, a portal provides a team to manage customers.  

Let’s take this step by step!

B2B Web Portal Development will turn your entire business process into an eCommerce platform. A portal connects with departments, customers, merchants, and partners. This will allow you to manage your commerce online from anywhere.

The B2B portal creates a gateway that automatically decentralizes your work process without errors. This also allows you to run your store on a third-party’s platform or from your dashboard.

You will be able to connect with many customers directly on the portal. They can interact with your products and services without a mediator. Your customer has the power to place an order, manage, adjust purchasing limits, and budgets.

The B2B portal can help in the following ways:

Products Display

Unlike sales managers, your products are always available online with the maximum detail you want, and anyone can view your products and services at any time. Customers can buy and sell, as well as send questions regarding a product. This enables customers to order products as they need them.

Customer Engagement

A web portal is like a store without timing or representatives. Customers can come online anytime, view products, and study them. At the same time, an artificial bot or assistant can help customers to simplify the buying process. Moreover, the backend system will gather customer data that can allow you to study and understand the customer profiles. This will allow you to advance marketing strategies.

Stock Management

Inventory management is one of the biggest problems in every industry. To provide a significant output, we designed a complex system that reviews your stocks in real-time and sends custom messages to update the customer about shortages. In this connection, the admin will get immediate notification about a shortage in advance so you can work to correct the problem.

Invoice Creation

A web portal automatically creates a detailed invoice and sends it to all respective customers. It also ensures that payment and product details are cleared real-time to avoid misunderstandings between seller and buyer.

Payment terms and finance options create lots of issues in the B2B industry, but with the online features, you can offer various options with credited companies and simplify purchase.

Understanding the B2B Web Portal Development Infographics

Seamless Integration

As a B2B provider, we understand that you are already working with different software and teams. Our system integrates with a large number of software products, such as omnichannel, social media, third-party applications, web apps, and the entire workforce. Our Web Development process smoothly integrates with a present system without disturbing the current flow.

Order Management

Clients can manage their orders and modify them. A web portal accepts and rejects orders as per your settings and sends notifications to all the necessary departments for further processing.  It allows departments to confirm and update the order on every process. From a single dashboard, everyone can see the status of the order.

Customer support – Chatbot

A personal chatbot is user-friendly and has capabilities to understand the customers and interact with them. Chatbot ensures maximum support to the client without any human interaction. This will help you build a strong relationship with customers.

Data gathering and understanding of buying patterns

The system automatically creates a customer profile. It studies the customer’s attributes and saves them in the backend. Later, the system analyzes the customer’s buying pattern and sends personalized invitations and offers to encourage product purchases.

Enhanced reports and analysis

Data generated by the portal is organized and arranged for you in a single dashboard which allows you to see sales, earnings, stocks, marketing strategies, and also suggestions on how to improve business in the coming days.


A B2B portal turns your entire industry into a new business model and gives new opportunities to grow and engage with customers. If you are ready to optimize your business and successfully transcend competition, get started on digital transformation with the robust B2B portal.

Analytix Solutions works with all types of organizations and offers services for different web portals for a complete solution. From hospital to restaurant, we are experts in meeting your goals. Our portals contain all the latest features and security to automate your workflow and enhance your customer experience.

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