Managed IT Services August 27, 2020

Top Two Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services for Your Business in 2020

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

As the world continues to battle challenges resulting from COVID-19 and the outlook seems grim, businesses that adapt to the crisis-enforced changes can use the momentum to not just survive, but to thrive. Technology, when applied correctly, can help in the transition to ensure that business operations and communications do not suffer.

Having a strong IT system in place can help a business rebound faster and begin to repair and restore your offerings in real-time. Managed IT services – where businesses outsource select services to professionals – can be useful for essential, yet non-core activities within business operations.

Shifting earmarked tasks to software applications can help businesses gain accurate and reliable reports. This is especially true for calculating work hours, or managing inventory and merchandise, and even customer-facing operations such as website user interfaces and digital wallets. Apps can be customized to meet business requirements. In addition, creating Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is an effective way of addressing security and safety concerns.

We recommend managed IT for businesses looking at sustainability and growth in the long term for:

#1: Superior infrastructure and expertise to cater to security and business needs

Though data security has always been a concern for any business, it has undoubtedly become a major concern for any business during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. When businesses access managed IT services, they gain from the robust digital security measures put in place by the service providers. According to a Microsoft study, a whopping 94% of SMBs experienced security benefits by adopting the cloud, including systems updates, spam management for emails, and upgraded antivirus measures. The cloud is an example of a managed IT-enabled service.

As businesses all over the world begin to open up, it is important to access IT solutions that are dependable, cost-effective, and secure. Choosing managed IT services allows businesses to access current infrastructure without additional expenses associated with setting up in-house capabilities. An added benefit of managed IT services is the “round-the-clock” support for which the infrastructure is maintained by the service providers. Businesses need not worry about expensive upgrades or the desperate need to look for repair staff when an application breaks down or refuses to work.

#2: Freedom to focus on core business operations rather than on IT management chores

It is vital to remember that the actual process of rebuilding requires business owners to focus on strategic planning for the future while keeping a steady eye on the day-to-day operations. While a business needs to manage its core business operations which include accounting and bookkeeping, maintaining cash flow, dealing with paperwork, and recording transactions, etc., there are several other areas on which a business needs to focus. So, by outsourcing their infrastructure and security needs to streamline critical but non-core activities, business owners can spend time planning and arranging their day-to-day operations. This is particularly important in the current times where businesses are battling staff, infrastructure, safety and security concerns. Managed IT services can help a business not only survive, but also thrive and be able to emerge from unforeseen situations, like the current COVID pandemic, successfully.

Managed IT: Harnessing the power of the professional

Whilst there are many more reasons to opt for managed IT services to support your business, the two reasons discussed above are critical to supporting business sustainability and to help businesses thrive. When businesses choose the convenience and robust security associated with managed IT services, they also choose better and more streamlined operations and management. At Analytix, we have worked closely with SMBs in identifying their requirements and creating customized and relevant solutions for them, including managed IT services. Learn more about Analytix IT Solutions. You can also email us at or call 781.503.9003.

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