Managed IT Services November 12, 2021

Tips for Choosing Your MSP

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

There are 10000+ managed service providers (MSPs) around the world that can offer end-to-end services. Choosing one of them is a challenging task because they have different quality standards, pricing, business models, and terms and conditions.

The right strategic partner understands your business and provides the latest solutions to drive your business to success.

In this blog, we will help you to narrow down your search for finding the right Managed Service Provider.

Tips for choosing your Managed Service Provider

  • 24/7 Availability

Choose a managed service provider that can offer full-time dedicated resources to monitor your online business. The right MSP can help your business perform at a high level with continuous support and maintenance.

Advantage – You don’t have to worry about infrastructure downtime or on-demand support. You can simply open a ticket from your device to get desired solutions. This will allow your in-house team to increase productivity.

  • Scalability

It is important to choose a managed service provider that can add resources without prior notice. For example, you may require a full team for a few days or for a few months. Scalability allows you to add and remove resources as per the requirements so you don’t have to pay for extra.

Advantage – Some companies provide flexibility on on-boarding and off-boarding resources. Companies like this have a great talent pool to ensure projects are completed on time without a rush. You can add hourly, part-time, full-time, and project-based resources as required. Change your requirements as often as you’d like.

  • Accountability

A strategic partner understands your business requirements and needs. They will take accountability for your business and be committed to your success. This will allow you to focus on core competencies.

Advantage – MSP will take full responsibility for to keep your business online and take all the necessary actions to keep your business growing. They will choose the best resources, technology, products, and services to develop business in a tough market. They will make sure that you get daily, weekly, and monthly reports so you are constantly updated.

  • Advanced security

When you are working with a third party, you may worry about the privacy, security, and encryption of the business data. To ensure the safety of the business data, ask potential MSPs to agree to all your terms and conditions and agree on a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and other business formalities.

Make sure your MSP uses state-of-the-art technology to secure and back up your business data to avoid complications. 

Note – Security becomes important when we are sharing crucial information with someone; choose a managed service provider that provides confidence in your security.

Quick steps for choosing the MSP

  • Service level agreement (SLA)

Choose a strategic MSP to meet your requirements and be sure to have a written contract. Your SLA should ensure all requirements are met, and there are quality standards, services, and responsibilities. Detail everything in the agreements to avoid miscommunication and breaches. Without an SLA, your business may be at risk.

Advantage- You will have control over the work, money, and resources output.

  • Data backup and recovery

A proper backup of business data helps you overcome difficult situations, including disasters. This is a common practice and every business should consider this option. A proper disaster recovery plan can help you to back up files regularly and recover them when needed.

Setting up a security system to back up day-to-day files allows you to easily access deleted or corrupted files.

  • Cloud solutions

Choose a managed service provider that believes in implementing, integrating, and updating businesses for automation and faster growth. Adding the latest technology like cloud solutions helps you to manage your business from remote locations. You will have full access and control over your business from anywhere.

Cloud solutions increase productivity and add advanced features to the existing business applications that allow you to develop business rapidly.

  • Off-site and on-site support

Many companies require off-site and on-site resources to keep their business running.

If you require on-site resources, communicate this to your strategic partner before agreeing to terms. Not all companies are capable of providing on-site support on demand. This can stop your business activities until you hire a contracted team to solve the problems. To avoid this kind of issue, hire a MSP firm that can provide off-site and on-site support.

  • References

Reputable companies will share their case studies, portfolios, and client references to win your trust. In addition, some companies will also provide you complete business analysis to understand business and requirements.

To trust your MSP and have peace of mind, get references and schedule a call with them to understand all facets of their offering.

  • Pricing

Spend some time understanding the MSP’s pricing model. There are different pricing and business models to choose from. In addition, pricing and quality are connected.

Don’t underestimate your needs and opt for fewer services.

Some companies give you services at a lower cost, but it might make sense to spend more for more comprehensive and trustworthy services.

  • Certified teams

Certified teams follow rules and regulations led by the industry experts. Quality checks, assurance, surety, and satisfaction are all important facets of MSP offerings.

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