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        Digital Engineering

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        Digital Engineering is often typically synonymous with implementation of the latest digital technologies like – mobile, social networks, cloud computing, big data analytics, without clarity on how to go about the desired transformation.

        Digital Engineering is not just about technology and its implementation, it’s about looking at the business strategy through the lens of technical capabilities and how the applications can impact the way you are operating and generating revenues. This is what Analytix calls “Digital Engineering”.

        Our digital engineering combines the art of creating, capturing data and integrating digital tools & technologies using progressive development processes to explore develop innovative products and solutions in a new age business environment.

        Cloud Engineering Cloud Solutions

        Cloud Engineering

        The key enabler of digitalization and enabler of transformation of business offering scale and speed

        Mobility Solutions Mobility Solutions

        Mobility Engineering

        Explore ways how mobility can improve operational efficiency and employee productivity

        Content Engineering Digital Content Solutions

        Content Engineering

        Reach more audiences by magnifying the power of content and creating new solutions

        Cloud Engineering

        Analytix Cloud Solutions is the key component of digital transformation and offers the scale and speed that is needed for businesses to focus.
        We partner with you to enhance your digital transformation process with Analytix cloud solutions and manage to align technology with business needs.

        Cloud Solutions

        Analytix provides the entire range of cloud services comprising consulting, managing, and processing data and creating applications. We follow a process that is flexible and scalable.

        Cloud Consulting

        Analytix Cloud Consulting ensures that your business-critical cloud strategy is implemented successfully and you realize maximum value & ROI with minimal downside risk.

        Cloud Consulting

        Enterprises who are embarking on implementation of cloud or re-engineer their existing cloud setup to optimize their business objectives could engage our Cloud Consulting Team to plan gap analysis and business assessment. We have a structured process and templates to conduct customized consulting.
        With knowledge in modern application technologies such as APIs, Big Data integration, and skills in DevOps, Agile, Continuous delivery, our teams can rapidly turn around powerful applications that run natively on the Cloud.

        Cloud Development

        Analytix is a specialist in cloud application development with real-world experience in carefully assessing and planning security, scalability, and capacity to build and deploy applications in cloud. The level of flexibility offered by Analytix’s cloud application gives you a competitive edge with the ability to upgrade without causing hindrance to your business operations, increase productivity and so on.

        We understand your business requirements, analyze your IT investments and develop high-performance native, hybrid and public cloud applications with an option to integrate with other on-premise and cloud applications. Our cloud development concepts and practices are a collection of best practices, concepts, and procedures for quicker customer success and follow the following principles:

        • We design and architect Cloud as a collection of services
          Build up apps from the data to services & finally combine into composite services
        • We create interaction between application components
          Design to optimize communications between apps and components.
        • We make security systemic within the application
          High priority security is designed and built into the app architecture
        • We decouple the data from the application
          Create application architectures that componentize data & processing
        • We design & model for scale & performance
          Apps to stand load & increased traffic on network, servers & database
        • Our solutions are flexible & accessible
          Create amazing apps & experiences that work on any platform
        Cloud Development

        Our strategic technology partnerships and real-world expertise with leading Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and others help us to provide with the best breed of native and hybrid applications.

        Cloud Migration

        Every application, customized, home-grown, or legacy, has to go through a process of moving to the cloud native. We help you migrate your legacy applications or current business applications to cloud and enjoy all the benefits offered by cloud infrastructure to your business.
        We move your application or product to the cloud or develop new applications ground-up to be cloud-enabled. We bring in flexibility and optimization, by including migration and integration on the ideal Cloud platform for optimal performance.

        Our services include:

        • Application Migration to the Cloud
        • Application re-hosting to the cloud,
        • Applications Re-engineering for the cloud
        • Cloud application integration to on-premise or with other cloud apps
        • SaaS Enablement and Integration

        Our rich SaaS development expertise encompasses the entire gamut of architectural and functional building blocks required to deliver successful solutions.

        Cloud Migration

        Mobility Engineering

        Companies are embracing the mobile revolution to improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. Analytix has broad experience in building B2B applications on mobile addressing industry-specific needs. Our intuitive mobile solutions cater to the evolving business needs. We empower our customers with innovative mobile applications for call-to-action initiatives for growth & business results.

        A consultative approach that provides high-quality, extensible solutions that meet your needs now, and in the future. Our Mobile Center of Excellence services creates business-driven solutions.

        Mobility Solutions

        Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

        We create the ideal mobility strategy based on your market, budget and functionality requirements. Our strong technical competency, well-defined methodology, and dedicated team of professionals help us provide mobile solutions that offer critical business benefits, enable enterprise transformation, accelerate innovation and builds a competitive edge for our customers.

        Analytix delivers knowledge, advice and, expertise needed to ensure success with mobile projects. We are here to help you navigate this dynamic business landscape and be your partner in delivering a successful mobility strategy. Our services include:

        • Market assessment and sizing
        • Competitive assessments
        • Mobility planning and design
        • Employee needs assessment
        • Mobility application architectures/blueprints
        • Mobility technology and device planning
        • Deployment and device management planning
        Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

        Our mobile subject matter experts determine the best development technology to fit your mobile strategy whether it’s speed to market, extending the enterprise or offering your customers a mobile channel. Additionally, by optimizing the use of our on-shore and off-shore development team, we keep development costs to a minimum.

        Mobile Application Design & Development

        At Analytix, we constantly challenge ourselves to create superlative digital solutions that work for our clients. Our expertise lies in providing feature-rich practical, business-effective bespoke mobile app development that is also cost-effective, giving higher ROI.

        Our mobility experts with in-depth knowledge of mobile technology coupled with research on your business strategy deliver results that transform your business effectively. We combine a blended on-shore and off-shore model with the top four mobile development methodologies:

        • Native mobile platform-specific application development (i.e., iOS, Android)
        • MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) cross-platform tools to provide device diversity, application support, and lifecycle support
        • HTML5 development for mobile
        • Frameworks including Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile

        Mobile Application Design & Development

        Mobile Application Testing

        Analytix’s testing frameworks and test strategies help in end-to-end testing of the mobile solution and applications. We offer automated testing and QA services to make the process faster and cost-effective. Our comprehensive mobile application testing coverage includes the following:

        • Functional & UI testing: native, hybrid & web
        • Cross platform testing: iOS, Android, HTML5
        • Non-functional testing: Performance, stability, security
        • Test automation and automation tools
        • Usability and compatibility testing
        • Localization testing
        • Synchronization and data exchange testing
        • Test execution and documentation

        Mobile Application Testing

        Mobile Integration and Migration

        Analytix’s Mobile Integration solutions allow organizations to make the move towards digital business transformation, providing access to back-end systems via mobile apps, creating an enhanced mobile experience for employees, customers, lines of business (LOBs) and their suppliers.

        We leverage our integration skills and knowledge of the mobile digital ecosystem to adopt and harvest information on mobile devices, social media, technology and other sources to maximize agility and business outcome optimization. Our API-based Mobile Integration helps to plug into the organization’s back-end systems and integration infrastructure with focus on interoperability, monitoring, and management.

        Mobile Integration and Migration

        Content Engineering

        Analytix Content Solutions is a way to reach more audiences by magnifying the power of content that you have already created. We take your content and create new solutions based out of the original. We then share it to several high-quality outlets that link back to your website, sending you visitors and helping with SEO.

        • Make multiple utilization of your content
        • Make your content build results & visibility
        • Back to your website
        • Utilize several Get high links different mediums

        Digital Asset Management

        Analytix’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to easily store, organize, track and repurpose your branded assets – such as photography, videos, rich graphics, 3D imagery, text documents, presentations and more. With our Digital Asset Management, we help you and your business be more efficient and successful and create avenues for successful digital marketing.

        Our knowledge about the digital asset lifecycle enables us to create solutions that help you connect marketing content with everyone who needs it.

        Digital Asset Management

        Digital Rights Management Solution

        Analytix’s Digital Rights Management solution enables content-rights owners and content providers to set and enforce terms by which people use their intellectual property.
        We help publishers, media entities and content owners in protecting media assets by implementing an integrated flow which includes on-disk encryption of media assets, access rules definition on a central licensing authority and distribution based on defined distribution and licensing application.

        Digital Rights Management Solutio

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