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        For over a decade, businesses who are positioned for growth have turned to Analytix Solutions. With deep industry insights and practical experience from cross functional teams of financial and application experts, our solutions are designed to transform operational processes and maximize profitability.

        Insight360 is a solution that takes care of your back office tasks, provides you with timely and relevant information about your business and makes you more efficient with day to day tasks. So, you can focus on running your business.

        Our fully integrated solution provides

        • Industry specific services
        • Operational tools
        • Applications accessible
        • Relays critical data and metrics
        • Highly customizable
        • Allowing business owners to maximize the options
        insight360 features Insight360 Features

        Insight360 Features

        Easy to use features accessible from anywhere that minimizes distractions to build focus on business

        the industry solutions The Industry Solutions

        Industry Solutions

        A portfolio of multiple industry applications and tools to support your complete operations

        why insight360 Why Insight360

        Why Insight360

        Features, advantages and benefits that distinguishes our solution ostensibly from the others in the market

        Insight360 Features

        While we believe that you will gain the most value by utilizing all 3 components together, each one can also be sold separately, and the solution can be customized to best fit your needs.

        The unique features of Insight360:

        • 3rd Party Integration (POS, Payroll, Accounting & Social Media)
        • All Data In One Place
        • Key Insights To Drive Business
        • Comprehensive View Of Business
        • User based access
        • Easy to use, accessible from anywhere, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
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        Insight360 Features

        The Industry Solutions

        Insight360 offers real time access to key performance data, productivity applications and tools, and critical accounting services and support – a powerful combination for uncovering business insights to improve operations. The depth and breadth of our industry experience has allowed us to develop a full range of customized industry based specific solutions that help our clients to capture, store, organize and access data.

        At Analytix Solutions, our industry expertise runs deep. Years of addressing everyday industry challenges combined with practical accounting aptitude laid the foundation for our team to develop Insight360. Insight 360 is a portfolio of 5 Industry Management Portal and 10 Apps and Tools to support the client needs.

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        The Industry Solutions

        Why Insight360

        Our Insight360 Solutions have emerged as comprehensive tools for helping specialized industries better manage their finances and operations. The convergence of robust accounting services with specialized operational applications for better reporting and business insights, readily accessible 24/7 via a cloud based portal, distinguishes our solutions from similar offerings.

        Your Complete F&A Tool

        Your Complete
        F&A Tool

        Complete accounting finance solution
        – from recording vendor bills to fin.
        statement preparation

        Tasks & Ops Management

        Tasks & Ops

        A pre-built cost-effective model that
        provides up to 40-50% cost saving on team,
        set-up, systems, environment and infrastructure

        Free-up Your Core Team


        All your sales, cost and labor data on one
        easy to use portal, updated daily

        Curated Metric for You

        Curated Metric
        for You

        Only most relevant metrics and reports
        designed specifically for
        your industry.

        Additional Ops Tools

        Ops Tools

        Additional tools to save time on
        daily tasks

        Customized Solutions


        Flexible packages tailored to
        your needs, with no long-term

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