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        Digi-tech Solutions

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        Our Digi-tech solutions helps enterprises uncover and decipher patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies from their internal data assets often in combination with external data sources.

        We combine creative technologies with engineering skills and business knowledge to connect people, applications, products, brands and organizations in innovative and immersive ways. Based on our agile approach we create contemporary and dynamic transformations and integrations.

        Our technology-based digital solutions optimize the level of innovation and engagement to create new smart digital innovations turning digital enablement into competitive advantage by infusing intelligence into your business. Our digital technology initiatives are powered by continuous delivery and integration to adapt to the new challenges of the digital era. We help align your strategies with cost and time advantages while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

        Digital Integration Digital Integration

        Digital Integration

        Flexible, scalable and sustainable integration to transform businesses and become competitive

        Analytics Consulting Analytics Consulting

        Analytics Consulting

        Strategic support by creating KPI, analytics, developing competency & augmenting decision-making

        Digital Automation Digital Automation

        Digital Automation

        Designing, developing, implementing systems for automation of your business to align with the digital world

        Digital Integration

        Our digital technology integration practice aims at integrating all technologies to work in synchronous harmony. This could be an integration of CRM applications, Marketing automation, Websites, Analytics, Workflows or ERP solutions keeping the digital business challenges in perspective. The primary objective of Analytix is to deliver measurable outcome-based results for our clients.

        Our outcome-based integration with tangible deliverables cover multiple aspects of your business, be it applications that are of the new digital age or even legacy to ensure that they are seamlessly integrate.

        Digital Integration

        Analytix integration is crucial for any company to succeed as we focus on seamless data connectivity and improving both the internal workflow of your organization to help align your company with the markets:

        • Improved real-time visibility – Focus on data connectivity ensures stake-holders are well-informed and base their decisions on proper data, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
        • Improved Data Accessibility – With the help of system integration, data accessibility becomes easier for people in organizations resulting in accelerated business growth.
        • Better Communication – Well-integrated business with improved connectivity helps streamline inter-functional communication.
        • Improved Productivity – Employees can now spend more time on crucial tasks that will help the business grow with better data connectivity reduced need for data duplication

        Analytics Consulting

        Our Analytics Solutions team provides turnkey and dedicated team consulting, working along with your team to help design, develop, and deploy analytics solutions. Our data and analytics consultants work seamlessly and integrate with your enterprise to plan deliverables and outcome, set-up and execute, with ownership of deliveries.

        We help you to predict buying patterns, online customer activities, preferences, and offering them hyper-personalized propositions. We use data, tools, technology, and our range of analytics reporting and visualizations to enable you to make intelligent strategies and decisions about your products, markets and customers. We help enterprises uncover and decipher patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies from their internal data assets often in combination with external data sources.

        KPI Engineering

        What cannot be measured cannot be improved. This is a well known principle in both business & project management, which is reflected in KPI ( Key Performance Indicators) with pre-defined parameters, measurement of heterogeneous data and metrics.

        We provide KPI Engineering services that enables quantifiable measurements to help an organization measure the success of critical factors based on data and its intelligent analytics.
        Our KPI Engineering & Analytics analyze data granularly, providing insight into very specific information, in visual format—charts, tables, and presentations. These insights empower you as a decision-maker.

        Our services address the following:

        • Revenue improvement
        • Cost reduction
        • Process cycle-time improvement
        • Increased customer satisfaction

        KPI Engineering

        Data Visualization

        Analytix helps its clients to implement actionable Analytics by identifying key KPI’s relevant to their business that enables and empowers them to make correct decisions by creating advanced visualization in the form of charts by using technologies.

        Data Visualization

        Our data visualization comprising of dashboards and reports include:

        Temporal Data Visualization Hierarchical Data Visualization Statistical Data Visualization Network Data Visualization
        – Time Series – Ring Charts – Pie Charts – Matrix Charts
        – Polar Area Diagrams – Dendograms – Histograms – Node-link Diagrams
        – Connected Scatter Plots – Tree Diagrams – Scatter Plots – Alluvial Charts

        We combine creative technologies with engineering skills and business knowledge to connect people, applications, products, brands and organizations in innovative and immersive ways. Based on our agile approach we create contemporary and dynamic transformations and integrations. Our solutions are armed with the latest innovations on integrations, analytics and automation to align with your vision on time and within budget.

        Digital Automation

        We enable organizations to make key strategic and operations decisions based on data-driven rather than assumptive theories and instincts. We use AI enabled data-driven processes to empower their decision-making process that can derive more value out of their investments and get aligned with the company’s vision & mission. Leveraging the right mix of technology components, Our Data-Value Framework is the power behind our accurate insights delivering quick and effective solutions to complex business challenge.

        Analytix Automation solution has become a powerful lever to deliver veritable outcomes while lowering organizations’ total cost of operations, paving way for process accuracy, enhancing productivity, and breaking open new business outcomes.

        Digital Automation

        AI & Machine Learning

        Analytix has been riding the wave of automation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions by empowering and transforming businesses by deploying Chatbots to AI-driven platforms. We also help businesses in building cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to become a digital business leader in their chosen markets. We leverage machine learning (ML), image recognition, and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies to the fullest benefit of its customers to make our customers gain a competitive edge and help them achieve accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness and high scalability with their products and solutions. We assess and analyze your business and create AI solutions that help you in achieving your goals. We use the best of contemporary technologies for building an effective and powerful intelligence system for your organization

        Some of the areas we help our customers with:

        • AI driven Sales & Marketing
        • Next-Gen AI Customer Support
        • AI Entity Extraction
        • AI Chatbots for Commerce


        Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables anyone to configure the robot or computer software to emulate & integrate the actions of the human interacting within digital systems to execute the business process, RPA robots use the user interface to capture the data & manipulate the applications as humans do. They can interpret, trigger responses and communicate with the other systems to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks.

        Analytix has been at the forefront of RPA automation for a variety of sectors including finance, healthcare, and real estate. Our RPA approach streamlines internal processes, brings people and technology in synchrony to enable better insight into trends and opportunities for business. Robotic process automation (RPA) works best with rule-based, regular tasks that require manual inputs. We are helping organizations achieve advanced levels of efficiency and digitalization through our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

        Workflow Automation RPA:

        • Automating business-critical workflows across the enterprise
        • Mass mail generation, archiving and extracting

        Data Related RPA:

        • Automate manual high-volume data entry across multiple systems
        • Data extraction from PDFs, Excel sheets, scanned documents
        • Automated report preparation and send them on schedule

        RPA-driven Customer Service:

        • Builds a trustworthy relationship with the customer
        • Enables quick analysis and resolution of the problem
        • Automatically sends responses for a set type of queries

        HR RPA:

        • Removes HR-related intricacies and improves recruiter productivity.
        • Facilitates L&D based on role, interests, personality insights and career plans
        • Helps in decreasing costs and improving people’s impact on the business
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