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        Web Creation

        Analytix Web Creations make your Ecommerce, portals and web applications business-effective and convert it into a revenue tool for your business. We ensure our design and Development helps increase conversion rates and integrates your website with social media to help users engage with your products and services online.

        Innovative and creative thoughts are among our most unique and effective capabilities. And we combine this with powerful cutting-edge technologies to rival any business challenges. Our creation and innovation is interwoven with technology to bridge the gap and take you to the next business frontier.

        Our web creation process is a systematic and disciplined approach towards a structured development of Web-based applications. We deliver cutting edge web creations that are aesthetically good and perfect in performance. We offer a wide range of website design and development – Responsive Websites, CMS-Based Websites, Ecommerce solutions, Web App covering open source technologies such as PHP, Node.js, Angular.js, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Shopify, Cake PHP and others.

        Websites & Portals Websites & Portals

        Websites & Portals

        From concept and plan to design and execution, we build websites with special emphasis on SMB

        Ecommerce eCommerce


        Ecommerce store design and development aligns biz goals of start-up, SMBs or large business

        Web App Development Web Apps

        Web Apps

        Our progressive web apps deliver amazing user experience, reliable functionality & enhanced conversion

        Websites & Portals

        Irrespective of whether you are a small business owner struggling to have the budget or a large enterprise ready to shell out a large amount for a website, we have the right solution for everyone. We can deliver a performing website with the adequate functionality you need, at the right price.

        Analytix turns your website into your business’s revenue generation engine. Our team of web designers, content specialists, technology professionals custom build sites that increases your conversion rates.

        Website Development

        Analytix’s step by step Web Development process evolves through time according to business requirements to make it business functional. Our web development finally attains the goal of rendering immersive experiences on web, laptop & desktop, tablet and mobile. We create intuitive, flexible, and responsive ROI-enhancing websites that turn your visitors into customers.

        We use our expertise and experience to address the business portal and website needs of some of the diverse industries, such as Media, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, FinTech, and Sports Management.

        Web Integration

        Our web integration involves a process of connecting all the outputs, activities and components essential for optimizing the performance in line with defined business outcome. As part of our web integration services, we build more capabilities on top of the website and portal features by integrating with different technologies, platforms and applications. We also integrate and enable curated and new UX, advanced content management, process automation and transactional capabilities.

        Web Optimization

        Analytix Web Optimization is the process of analysis, assessment and the strategy of adding relevant information to your website to increase organic search results & increase visitors and conversions.

        Our team of web designers, tech experts & developers, not only builds your presence online, but also ensures your web and mobile content is intuitive, well managed to help you to multiply business faster. Our web optimization is a combination of assessment and analysis using tools like Google Analytics, Omniture/Adobe, WebTrends, Click Tracks, and Coremetrics etc.


        Today, Ecommerce stores have made buying simpler and more efficient. Analytix creates stores where your target segment can get all the product information, prices as well as reviews from other buyers, transaction security and much more. Our Ecommerce solutions are simple, engaging, and appealing to customers of varied demographics. The goal is to deliver a unique design with robust usability.

        We analyze your business and define creative, functional, and technical requirements. Your E-commerce solution is customized to your requirements, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. We analyze your needs and suggest a design approach that is right for you, integrating third party software and introducing cloud hosting as necessary.

        Online Stores

        Online Stores

        Our online web stores are of varying complexity, diverse domains proving a consistent buying, visit experience for customers in any industry or segment

        B2C Marketplaces

        B2C Marketplaces

        Ecommerce web creation that helps you to present & manage offerings effectively, while enabling instant access to services & goods on a single portal

        B2B Trade Portals

        B2B Trade Portals

        We create feature rich B2B portals to manage a secure multi-channel business, collaborate with suppliers, manufacturers, sellers, & connect with partners

        E-com Aggregators

        E-com Aggregators

        A solution that combines & consolidates multiple vendors enabling hosting and managing diverse brands while promoting services and goods

        We implement the full scope of business features – combine different technologies & platforms, integrate user experience, enable advance content management, functional automation and transaction capabilities. Analytix works with various solutions to meet your needs. We have a wealth of experience with platforms such as BigCommerce, Volusion, Shopify, and frameworks including WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce.

        Web App Development

        Front-end Web Apps

        To address your audience effectively, Analytix enables your web application to be properly displayed on multiple devices, in different browsers and operating systems. On top of that, we build efficiency, speed and reliability. Our client-side development experts partner with our creative team to make this possible.

        We combine design with technologies and transform it into business-linked super-fast web apps using modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Angular, Meteor and others.

        Back-end Web Integration

        Our custom backend development for web applications and systems helps you scale easily, improve & optimize performance without interfering with the frontend. Some of the key services that we render are API Integration, Data synchronization, Identity and Integration.

        We help you to integrate legacy web application with other internal or external applications by developing and integrating an API layer. Our technology and web domain experts specialized in Agile/Scrum, Test Driven Development processes, continuous integration, automation create the foundation for effective delivery and integration.

        Progressive Web Apps

        Our Progressive Web App Development creates an extraordinary amalgamation of mobile and web features and benefits to develop and create a web-mobile class experience that is fast, engaging, consistent, and about 3x faster than what is standard.

        We create Progressive Web Apps that support all browsers and run on any device, easy to install, secure, reliable, enhances user experience, enables push notifications and increased conversion, and functions like a cloned native-mobile shell to web applications with advanced fixtures.

        We follow a sequential process of understanding Business Needs, deciding the Scope and Technology, followed by Wireframing, Data-flow Architecture, User experience design, Agile Test-Driven Coding, API & Integration planning for analytical tools and finally Release and Improvisation.


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