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        Product Engineering

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        An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) always needs to stay ahead of intense competition, starting from product development to licensing and distribution to customer support. ISVs need to limit budgets to survive in this challenging economy. Sometimes with limited resources one must find a way to balance the need for product development with demand for engineering support.

        Our incremental, iterative and lean design process creates market-leading products that meets both business and user requirements of Product Development companies. Our agile engineers and digital product designers use a knowledge-feedback process to create future-ready products that are digitally aligned. Our Scrum and Kanban-based iterative agile process enable us to turn a vision into reality.

        Our engineered products align with business challenges of the digital marketplace and constitutes a model that reduces cost, increases the footprint and addresses complexities.

        Design & Co-create Design & Co-create

        Design & Co-create

        Conceptualizing idea along with documentation, project creation plan and design specifications

        Product Release and QA Product Release and QA

        Product Release and QA

        Our CI and CD alignment on a test-driven dev environment allows quality & faster releases

        Rent an Agile Team Rent an Agile Team

        Rent an Agile Team

        A unique cost-effective model to extend your team with our dual shore set-up with cost advantage

        Design & Co-create

        Analytix product creation Builds your competitiveness in the digital age. We don’t just use the right tools, assessment and plans to transform your business. We create the right product-based solutions to close the gap between strategy and performance to maximize business results.

        The agile process constituting continuous integration and continuous delivery on a test-driven development environment empowers the team to plan and deploy releases faster and without issues. Our alignment of development and testing on a DevOps based platform helps the team to produce the product in short cycles and ensures the release can be done as per timeline and market demands.

        We help you to transform your concepts, ideas and plans into amazing products with our wide technology exposure, agile processes and deep product engineering expertise through a process of collaborative engagement with you in the entire product development lifecycle.

        Design & Co-create

        Analytix partners with digitally inclined product developers to continuously innovate, including developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for lean and agile product testing, digital transformation creating market readiness and competitive advantage.

        Concept and Rapid Prototyping

        Analytix Product Co-creation starts with new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. Our extensive experience helping customers at these early stages of the product development lifecycle. We use this knowledge to brainstorm product features, current & future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost.

        Agile Product Development

        Product development and quality assurance is the heart of what Analytix does. With more than 15 years of product development expertise we are a strong partner to help in your product development efforts.

        Our Lean approach to product design helps in architecting and understanding how the development cycle should be implemented. Our Product creation employs a concept creates a balance between the technical side and the business aspects to create high quality deliverables. Our suite of services include

        • Digital-ready Product Creation
        • Product enhancement & Re-engineering
        • Product Migration & Porting
        • Maintenance and End-of-life Support

        Product Release and QA

        Our test-driven development approach follows the concept of building quality into our code upfront. Every iteration begins with writing one or more automated tests in line with the acceptance criteria. The entire product creation process follows the true concept of Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration (CD/CI) for uniform release management. The concept of “Test First” enables to focus on what the users need.

        We play a key role in ensuring successful product releases without compromising functionality and customer experience using a progressive and continuous test model that offers powerful QA for faster time to market.

        Product Release and QA

        Rent an Agile Team

        Rent an integrated extended team from Analytix that creates a near ownership experience and increase level of predictability of output through process maturity. Reduce total cost of ownership with an optimized global delivery model, scale tested competencies, advanced methods, and automation.

        This is a unique cost-effective model to extend your team with our dual shore set-up of dedicated software developers, designers & QA specialists plus complete infrastructure without the cost of direct hiring.

        Rent an Agile Team

        Our “Rent an Agile Team” model is quite transparent and involves a simple pricing system based on the size and composition of the team. This model is extremely effective for a dynamic product development scenario, where requirements are unclear and scope changes frequently. It is also ideal for clients who needs skills or expertise in specific areas for the demands of product release and incorporating the principles of Continuous Integration & Continuous Development for smarter release management.

        No More Recruitment Hassles

        No More Recruitment

        Now you can flexibly scale your team without any worries of high cost or lead time for getting the right skills and domain expertise.

        Affordable Agile Product Experts

        Affordable Agile
        Product Experts

        A pre-built cost-effective model that provides up to 40-50% cost saving on team, set-up, systems, environment and infrastructure

        Free-up Your Core Team

        Free-up Your
        Core Team

        Enables your core IT team to focus on other business goals & critical tasks of your operations. Helps you to initiate new product concepts.

        Quicker Product Releases

        Quicker Product

        Your products get released faster in the market. With the in-house team dependency reduced, your offshore team makes product release smooth

        24/7 Agile Dev Operations

        24/7 Agile Dev

        Our follow the sun operations enable your extended team to optimize on time-zone diversity & later get integrated with core team

        Reliable & Time-tested Model

        Reliable & Time-tested

        As each iteration is completed, it is tested, debugged & released, as the whole product dev moves on a Test-driven Dev environment

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