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        Agile Development

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        Efficient agile teams at Analytix focus on creating and developing state-of-the-art software application specific to the needs of your company and industry. This in turn means less time spent on software development, and high-quality software solutions for your business.

        Not only large enterprises, our agile software development is specifically tuned to address small and medium business sizes ensuring quick turn-around and faster business impact. The team of agile developers and scrum experts address the challenges faced by businesses to create unique solutions.

        We can even collaborate to transform and infuse agility into your teams and processes building efficiency and accuracy in managing complex applications while fostering a continuous development environment.

        Application Development Application Development


        Agile processes & effective tools for application development & release

        Application Modernization Application Modernization


        Transform your applications for Innovation and agility

        Agile Test Engineering Agile Test Engineering

        Agile Test

        Effective automated testing to release apps at high speed

        Application Development

        Analytix can engage with you at any point of the software lifecycle – project-based development for bringing new software to the market, application development for your business, or sustenance services for delivering ongoing enhancements. Our agile engineering experts engage to support a single stage of the cycle or for end-to-end partnership. Our team consists of experts in contemporary technologies, agile processes with subject matter experts spanning various industry domains.

        With extensive experience in executing multiple projects on agile methodologies, we offer a customized approach that recommends the right set of tools and methodologies to execute vital project functions, issue detection and tracking, on-time release, continuous improvement and efficient project management.

        Our comprehensive Agile development provides:

        • Transformation strategy & planning
        • Agile readiness & maturity assessment
        • Agile application development
        • Agile training & coaching
        • Tool assessment & process setup

        We apply a design driven development process to define each application screen and feature. Our design and development teams work closely with you and quickly iterate on features to bring desired business results.

        Application Development

        Application Modernization

        Our Agile Modernization philosophy focuses on transforming what you need now, instead of trying to build the application infrastructure or the entire applications at once. Analytix helps you to harness the full potential of your applications, simplify your IT environment and leverage contemporary technologies, including cloud, mobility and virtualization.

        Application Modernization

        Our Application Modernization blends innovation with migration strategy, integration resulting in reduced TCO and enhanced ROI. Our approach is to repurpose legacy applications into resource-efficient and optimal applications. Our suite of Test Engineering Services:

        Our application modernization helps enterprises:

        • Build agility by integrating business and IT goals
        • To create an optimized scenario of integrated applications
        • Enable an environment of innovation through systematic application management
        • Initiate agile processes and strategies for markets access and customer acquisition
        • Reduce costs and build competitive edge in the business they operate

        Our business model allows us to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of your modernization process. We understand the nature of small to medium-sized businesses and pride ourselves in our ability to adjust our solutions to meet your requirements.

        Agile Test Engineering

        Software Testing is an integral part of the development process, from review and testing to user acceptance and support. Analytix Test Engineering teams can help you to execute tests covering UI/UX, User Acceptance, Functional, API, Web, Products, Applications and Security.

        We utilize a variety of open source frameworks to facilitate a highly automated testing approach that supports the execution of thousands of tests in minutes. These tests are run automatically in the CI environment by to automatically verify code module functionality and the integration of these modules as it forms end-user functionality.

        Continuous & Automated Testing

        Analytix continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release. With our continuous testing through an automated testing environment, and efficient testing approaches we achieve the following:

        • Create a fast and faultless user experience across multiple browsers and platforms
        • Enable a payment process that is convenient, secure and compliant
        • Make the product and application function optimally
        • Release products and application at high speed with continuous testing
        • Optimize quality and cost of agile development
        • Agile in-Sprint regression testing
        • Reduction in cycle time
        • Business logic validation
        • Increased Defect Removal Efficiency

        Analytix has significant experience with clients in various industries. We work on multiple testing projects and are confident that we can address all requirements of your software testing process.

        We implement a scalable process using cross-functional tools and technologies to ensure that we bring the right approach for your needs. We use multiple tools to conduct Automated Testing and have even created our Open Source based, cost effective automated tools and drivers to make app development and product release at high speed.

        Continuous & Automated Testing

        API & Web Service Testing

        Analytix API and web-services testing, deploys automation frameworks, open-source tools to optimize release test cycle time. Our team of automation and test experts use a set of tools and processes to build efficiency in coding and executing automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests. This helps us to optimize performance tests, speed-up functional tests and create test automation on varied sets of web services and APIs. We provide our customers significant cost reduction through a smart combination of open source-tools, effective processes, and frameworks.

        As important business impacts are linked to application failure, we ensure the integrity of API’s is managed through Continuous Testing in complex distributed environments. Analytix API Testing ensures reliability, security, and performance of your business-critical applications.

        Analytix API Testing solution performs the job of simplifying the complex testing that is essential for business-oriented API’s as well as API-driven applications:

        • Generates easily maintainable and reusable tests with optimized coverage
        • Sophisticated tests without any coding
        • Continuous regression testing with proper validations

        API & Web Service Testing

        Agile Product Testing

        Our test-driven development approach follows the concept of building quality into our code upfront. Every iteration begins with writing one or more automated tests in line with the acceptance criteria. The entire product creation process follows the true concept of Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration (CD/CI) for uniform release management. The concept of “Test First” enables us to focus on what the users need.

        We play a key role in ensuring successful product releases without compromising functionality and customer experience using a progressive and continuous test model that offers powerful QA for faster time to market.

        Agile Product Testing

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