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Protect Your Data with Managed Backup Services

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Managing and securing business data is a priority for any business. Business data is essential for a business to grow and improve existing strategies. Some businesses store data indefinitely to study and create new business opportunities.

Do you have a habit of backing up data daily?

Importance of backing up data

  • Easily retrieve lost data
  • 24/7 backup plan
  • Comply with government policy
  • Data security
  • Protect customers’ data
  • Stay in business compliance
  • Immediate access to data in disasters

Loss of data can slow business productivity and delay work. If your client expects timely solutions, maintain proper backup to avoid unnecessary risks.

Backup Data

1. Local backup – Local backup should be created for all files on-premises. It is efficient and one of the easiest ways to back up important files.

Local backup is a risky strategy when dealing with primary storage. In case of disaster or robbery, the primary storage and local backup may be stolen or lost. It is important to maintain both local and remote backup.

2. Remote backup – You can store all your files on a third party server without the expense of extra hard disk or infrastructure. Remote backup services offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs to manage business backups regularly.

In addition, having a third-party backup service allows you to free space on your current network. It boosts server productivity and allows for efficient running of business applications.

Managed backup services are safe and can automatically update data on a remote server. The third party will set up auto-backup options on your data. They will ensure that day-to-day backup is in place without disturbing the workflow. You will have on-demand support so you can utilize the backup as per your needs.

Managed backup service providers specialize in creating a secure backup plan. They follow the latest trends to optimize and organize files.

Note:  Uploading files on a remote server may take more time when compared to local backup.

Managed Backup Services Infographics

Advantages of managed backup services

  • Managed by professionals –From backup planning to managing daily backups, managed backup service providers will provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Accessibility – you can access backed-up files by accessing a remote server. There is no need for extra permission. Managed Backup Services provide peace of mind.
  • Scalability – You can easily scale resources on-demand to manage your daily requirements.
  • Higher performance – Automatically backup important files and free your local servers to improve performance.
  • Advanced security – Managed backup service providers are skilled in securing client’s data. They create multiple backup options to keep your data safe.
  • Cost-effective – Managed backup services help you lower infrastructure, hardware, and human resource costs.

Are you planning to opt for managed backup services?

As you move a significant amount of data online, it is important to be aware of hackers attempting to gain access to files. To protect business data, advanced technology can protect your data and perform frequent backups.

To execute a backup plan, consider working with a strategic partner.

Strategic partners can manage backup and work with you to offer other IT services. You can expect 24/7 support and assistance from strategic partners. They focus on your business and offer customized services to grow your business more efficiently.

Why choose managed backup services?

Managed backup services can help you focus on developing business. It saves your time and provides highly secure advanced backup solutions.

Focus your expertise and time on growing your business rather than worrying about data backups. For your ease of mind, we offer comprehensive managed backup services. We specialize in managed IT services and IT resources.

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