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Multichannel Functionalities for eCommerce: Is your Business Ready for It?

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

According to a report by Euromonitor International, many consumers turned to eCommerce during the pandemic because it provided a safe way to shop, even with social distancing restrictions in place. The data indicates that markets had the potential to achieve $77.7 billion additional eCommerce sales even before the pandemic. With consumer behavior shifting and changing from time to time, it is possible that certain behaviors seen during 2020 may shift as well.

Multichannel eCommerce management

Businesses benefit from promotion in multiple places and on multiple channels. This includes third-party sellers who often list products and services on marketplace websites such as Amazon. When this promotion extends to selling and conducting business in multiple places, it is called multichannel eCommerce. In digital terms, this can also mean selling on different channels, so as to benefit from each of them. Here are two major benefits of multichannel eCommerce:

  • Increased visibility for your brand: When you utilize multiple channels to showcase your business products and services, more people get to see them and your brand gains higher visibility. Increased visibility can help convert visitors into customers.
  • Access to consumers who move across channels: Many consumers now browse across devices and channels. If they are browsing on a laptop during leisure time, they may choose to make a purchase during a commute. Multichannel eCommerce enables businesses to reach out to these customers, helping them make the switch effortlessly.

Making it work

For businesses to optimize multichannel eCommerce efforts, there are several considerations that must be kept in mind:

Assessing business readiness

Effective management of multichannel eCommerce is required to gain maximum benefit from it. Business readiness for multichannel marketing could include reviewing current infrastructure and, most importantly, matching increased demand generated by viewers converting to customers.

This assessment needs to include current systems, infrastructure in the business, and how well they can scale, when demand increases. Assessment readiness may also take into account the mix of channels required, profile of the average customer of your business, and how best to reach them and keep them interested in your brand.  Eventually, you’ll be able to present them with content that they find interesting enough to convert into loyal customers.

Determining channel or promotional options

Once your business readiness is determined, businesses can move to determining the channel best suited to their needs. Before making a decision, it is important to consider certain factors: Does a particular channel match your business profile? Would it benefit your business in terms of getting the best return on investment? Partnering with professional outsourcing providers can help provide vital inputs on several aspects of multichannel eCommerce. Outsourcing partnerships can also provide access to reliable, efficient, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions that are backed by experience.

Professional assistance for multi-channel eCommerce management

Partnering with a professional when deciding to begin multi-channel eCommerce can assist in multiple business operations:

  • Business readiness is conducted thoroughly and the results are reliable.
  • The results help in choosing and implementing an effective multichannel eCommerce strategy.
  • Businesses can depend on professionals to carry out the work, end-to-end, without concern about existing technical capabilities and understanding.
  • Businesses can save on infrastructure set-up, time, and money required to ensure a successful launch.
  • Most importantly, professional assistance can help the business maintain a steady pace of growth, by constantly evaluating requirements when a multichannel eCommerce campaign begins.

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