Digital Transformation September 2, 2020

How a Strategic IT Partner Can Accelerate Growth of Your Professional Web Agency in 2020

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Typically, a professional web agency is an organization that helps its clients with a plethora of services ranging from website development, responsive website design, SEO, developing and implementing marketing strategy that includes digital marketing, social media strategy, email marketing, content marketing, and other communication campaigns over the web, etc.

So, it might not be out of place to ask why a professional web agency needs a strategic IT partner at all? And also, why now?

It should be noted that while a web agency provides all of these services to its clients, it is easy for it to get lost in meeting client deliverables, ensuring timelines are met, and making sure the business stays up and running. This vicious circle of work leaves out a critical function – the web agency’s own requirements! It is here that the role of a strategic IT partner comes in to contribute to the success of the web agency immensely and help it thrive particularly.

A strategic IT partner can be an organization that possesses proven infrastructure as well as experienced and skilled professional workforce to help deliver solutions required by clients. Every business, regardless of the industry it operates within, needs to pay attention to certain critical elements to ensure sustainability. Here is a snapshot of some areas where your strategic IT partner can contribute:

#1: Enhanced technological support

Technology-powered operations are the basis for most of the work carried out by a web agency. Collaborating with a strategic IT partner aids the professional web agency to make the right use of technology such as cloud-based operations in the agency’s business. As per a study by Microsoft, 61% of businesses that migrated to the cloud, reported lesser downtime. The study which covered the actual experience of SMBs using the cloud reported that 94% of respondents experienced security benefits in the cloud that they hadn’t experienced with their in-house facilities. This included updated systems, email management, and virus protection.

A strategic IT partner can also help in creating a reliable backup, not just for data and storage of critical information, but also in terms of skilled and trained manpower resource that can be accessed during the times of need such as in the present COVID-19 scenario. This aids in streamlining business operations with the help of relevant automation, software development and implementation.

#2: 24×7 support at a cost-effective rate

For a startup or a small-sized business, investments in technology can prove to be challenging because of the high costs involved. Here a strategic IT partner can help ensure that the web agency does not suffer due to lack of funds and resources.

With their expertise and infrastructure, your strategic IT partner is uniquely placed to extend 24×7 support to a web agency. Also, their systems are updated regularly, security requirements complied with, and backup options in place. A web agency simply has to plug in to benefit from these.

#3: Scale your web agency business without incurring an overhead

Dollars saved are dollars earned. Web agencies require a good hardware and software infrastructure in place. Tapping into the set-up of a strategic IT partner can help ensure that they are connected without needing to stretch their own budget.

A good IT partner can help a web agency make measurable savings through the option of scalability. They can also help to expand the scope of the web agency’s services by bringing to the table real-time updates and current trends. Each of these can be harnessed by a web agency to expand their services and provide more options to their own clients.

#4: Quick turnaround time for clients

Quick turnaround time is possible when an agency understands client requirements and has established the correct approach to a solution. This also has to be supported by a sound infrastructure to manage the commitment in a timely manner. A strategic IT partner is uniquely positioned to help a web agency in both capabilities, thereby improving your web agency’s turnaround time.

#5: Maintaining a constant cash flow

For any business to run smoothly, it is imperative to have a constant cash flow. A strategic IT partner can help here by diligently carrying out critical back-end tasks like accounting and bookkeeping, which in turn, lead to efficient cash flow management to ensure that liquid funds are available at all times.

Your IT partner can help your web agency achieve this by enabling you neglect your own websites, marketing campaigns, and social media communication, which ultimately fuel your business development efforts. Also, there are periods when a web agency can experience lesser work deliverables and scaling down on work requirements. At such times a strategic IT partner can help a small business save considerably on costs.

Bring your business alive

Choosing a strategic IT partner to help you with your web agency business can prove to be invaluable. A strategic IT partner can offer actionable and vital insights in design and development support, thus increasing conversion rates. Done correctly, web integration with social media can also help drive user engagement. These and many more relevant inputs can help your business become more sustainable and productive.

At Analytix, we combine our rich domain experience with deep technical expertise to address your challenges so that you are well-positioned for the ever-changing future. Learn more about Analytix IT to address your web agency-specific needs. You can also email us at or call 781.503.9003 to know more.

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