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We can help at any point in your software development cycle, whether you need support in a single stage of product development or a comprehensive programming solution. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in application development services.

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Our approach blends people, processes, and technology. You can focus on your business, while we support your infrastructure, technology, and network. With Analytix IT, you can expect optimal systems, all of the time.

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We are your partner in this integral part of the development process. We blend manual and automated testing for a personalized quality assurance process.

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Analytix works with various solutions to meet your E-commerce needs. We have a wealth of experience with platforms such as BigCommerce, Volusion, and Shopify, and frameworks including Magento and WooCommerce.

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Analytix creates simple yet powerful web designs that deliver result for our clients, including increased visitor conversions, better brand positioning, improved customer relationship management, and increased engagement.

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We can supplement as much or as little of your staff as necessary. Our experienced IT professionals partner with your IT team or manage the entire IT process.

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At Analytix, technology is in our DNA. Our technology knowledge empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensure your improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, and project risk mitigation.

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Analytix is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We help organizations like yours develop, deploy, and integrate Microsoft technologies. Our services and solutions help companies better engage internally, optimize business processes, and improve customer experiences.

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We have been working on open source Development technologies to include Ecommerce, Content Management System and Blogs for respective open source, and many such other services.

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Cloud Application Development provides a common and robust architectural foundation across public, private, and managed servers; cloud technology helps organizations deploy scalable/reliable applications—in an affordable and effective manner.

01 Aug

Five Reasons to Consider Cloud-Based Email for Your Business

Navigating your company’s information technology strategy can be daunting. The availability of cloud-based solutions entice small and medium-sized businesses to look at new and creative ways to address IT needs. More often than not, the biggest question is what piece of an on-premise data center should be the first considered for migration to the cloud. For many reasons, we suggest you explore cloud-based email as an alternative to an in-house solution.

  • Cost savings: A cloud-based email solution is a fixed cost for your business. Rather than navigate the often unknown costs of an in-house solution, cloud email infrastructure, security, and maintenance costs are determined based on the number of users and services. Whereas with an on-site solution there are significant variables to the cost, scalability is built in to cloud-based email services, and you can plan for the offering to grow with your company.
  • Maintenance: With an in-house solution, maintenance and upgrade deployments must be scheduled and result in some downtime for the email system. Often, in-house email runs at a lower level of maintenance to avoid such downtime, leading businesses to use older versions and forego benefits of more up-to-date solutions. Cloud-based email is continuously upgraded, thus ensuring that the latest capabilities are always available.
  • Integration: A growing number of devices are used by business professionals for increased productivity. An in-house email system often includes customization and integration issues to allow for use on different platforms. With cloud-based email, there is no need for integration. As easily as your employees connect to the internet from their devices, so do they access their cloud-based email. Device-specific entry points are no longer necessary.
  • Security: As malware attacks and security breaches become a bigger and bigger problem for small to medium-sized businesses, the need for vigilance in on-premises email gateways is essential. A dedicated staff, ongoing upgrades and maintenance, and strategic planning are all necessary. With a cloud-based email solution, security is deployed through the hosting provider. Suspicious behavior and attacks are identified and addressed before email reaches your desktop.
  • Simplified administration: A cloud-based email solution provides enhanced and simplified IT management. With the central administration of resources and infrastructure that a cloud-based system offers, your company can re-assign resources to business critical tasks. You enjoy a single interface complete with maintenance and security without the need for ongoing software installations and patches. Reliance on a cloud-based email system removes the headache of maintaining your own.

At Analytix Solutions, our team of experts can help you decide if a specific cloud solution is right for you. We can help you migrate legacy infrastructure for a more modernized approach. With our robust technical staff, both local core technologists, and short term specialists for defined needs, we are ready to work with you on all technical challenges. For more information on our services or to find out more about our complimentary review of your needs, visit us at

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