E-commerce Solutions October 14, 2020

Ensure Your Business Thrives: 3 Effective Ways to Ensure Your eCommerce Website Works

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

With businesses slowly emerging from the pandemic, traditional ways of purchasing products and services are changing. People are buying online and choosing to stay away from physical shopping unless absolutely essential. According to a Globe Newswire report, in the face of lockdown, consumers turn to online and mobile shopping for daily essentials and other products. The share of global retail sales generated via eCommerce is increasing, projected to reach one-third by the year 2024.

An eCommerce business depends on its website to communicate with visitors. A successful eCommerce website replaces the store, the storekeeper, salespeople, cash register, and even paper bills and invoices. The experience of being in-store needs to be replicated online, albeit in a digital format.

Here are three cornerstones of an effective website, assisting in creating a positive user experience, and helping ensure your eCommerce business thrives.

1. Effective eCommerce website design

The pandemic has revealed consumers moving to digital transactions or online shopping for the first time. The Globe Newswire report cites a survey revealing shoppers who adopted the practice of online shopping for the first time during the outbreak. With the steady shift to online transactions, an effective and attractive website can help engage visitor attention and encourage them to explore products or services, and eventually, move towards making an actual purchase. According to a Nielsen Norman Group report, visitors often leave web pages in 10-20 seconds. But pages with a clear value proposition can hold attention longer. Visitors are more likely to stay engaged, moving to becoming potential customers, if they find the website carries information relevant to them.

2. Better navigation

Easy and uninterrupted navigation is essential to a positive web experience. Regardless of the look and feel of the website and the relevant message conveyed to the intended audience, if moving between pages, links, or features within the website is not smooth and easy, it can frustrate the visitor. Much in the same way as a physical store, being able to locate products and services easily is key to the visitor’s experience. Navigation can be interrupted in multiple places, potentially: interlinking between the business’s home page and other pages, access to product and service descriptions, access to any other relevant details including notices, important information, and even minor hassles like the inability to open thumbnail images to detailed pictures. Navigation glitches can quickly discourage new and returning visitors and even loyal customers, negatively impacting business prospects.

3. Contactless payment gateway

With online payments offering the best solution to contactless payments, eCommerce websites must ensure customers do not abandon their purchase (or abandon their cart, in retail cases) due to complicated or convoluted payment methods. Payment gateways communicate trust; a trouble-free payment experience is a strong motivator for repeat visits and transactions, fostering customer loyalty within as few as just a couple of visits.

A casual visitor browsing the website has the potential to become a customer. For businesses looking at augmenting their physical presence with online capabilities, reaching customers even during the lockdown, an engaging and attractive website can prove to be useful. Building a successful eCommerce website having user-friendly features, smooth navigation, and a hassle-free payment system can help a traditional business succeed even in troubled times, and move towards growth and sustainability. There are several other critical areas to consider when setting up an eCommerce business: online help, FAQs, and even tech support. Consulting professional eCommerce website design service providers is one way in which emerging businesses can tap into industry-specific expertise to hit the ground running.

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