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Encouraging Customers to Stay On Your Website: Building the Wow Factor

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

With many businesses adding eCommerce functionality to their traditional business, and many more launching new eCommerce ventures, customers have multiple options from which to choose.

How does a business improve customer experience, attract and keep visitors engaged, and eventually help them become customers?

By including a wow factor in your eCommerce web design. Here are three considerations that can help keep visitors engaged, and potentially convert them to customers.

1. Creating a better shopping experience with more product details

With social restrictions like the lockdown, the need to shop from the safety of home became primary. An online shopping experience that can replicate the real physical one is eventually what many shoppers desire.

According to data posted by FinancesOnline Reviews for Business, US online shoppers expect more product images and customer reviews from eCommerce websites. More people (72% of those surveyed) prefer video to text when receiving branded marketing information and 43% would like more freedom to choose the information they view and the timing to view it. The importance of visual impact is quoted in a 2019 study by FinancesOnline: 93% of shoppers view the visual appearance as a key factor contributing to shopping decisions.

Your website cannot replace a physical store experience, but augmenting it with more details on the products or services listed can build a positive user experience. Understanding how consumers use your website and helping them with relevant information can boost the convenience of your eCommerce offerings.

2. Making checkout better and more dependable

Because checkouts involve financial information, this can be a tricky aspect for those who are new to online purchasing. First-time visitors to eCommerce transactions may simply abandon the procedure when it comes to the final payment stop or checkout. For businesses looking at better conversions, it is important to provide simple and secure website checkouts.

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Statistics show that improving the checkout process can increase conversions by nearly 35%. The reason for 60% of abandoned shopping carts is the extra costs such as taxes and shipping fees. Nearly 84% of online shoppers do not purchase from an eCommerce website that is not secure. Even the need to create an account can deter visitors from completing a purchase, as 37% of responses reveal.

3. Creating responsive customer care and after-sales support

Good customer service completes the wow factor in a well-designed web experience. Customer care is of paramount importance especially when it comes to high-value transactions and purchases. Almost 83% of online shoppers expect regular communication regarding their purchase. Putting a dependable customer care service in place can help shoppers make informed decisions. Poor customer care or a negative customer experience can cost your business. A recent Hubspot survey says that roughly 50% of customers would switch to a new brand after just one bad experience, while 80% would opt to do business with a competitor.

Customer care is not just an available chat and phone option for customers to communicate with your business. Conveniences such as home delivery, contactless transactions, and easy pick-up can go a long way in helping customers choose your business over others. A survey conducted in April 2020 revealed that 38% of shoppers opted for online grocery shopping, driven by concerns regarding COVID-19. This led to grocery retailers needing to adjust to a surge in demand for online grocery delivery.

Going professional on web designing

Strong website design, which includes elements of secure checkout and customer experience transformation, are the bedrock of effective eCommerce business.

Receiving the help of professional web application development can help your business in multiple ways, including removing the administrative and security hassles while managing them in a professional manner. Professional insights and expertise can effortlessly help businesses improve customer service while helping them build a comprehensive website for a positive user experience.

A professional web application developer understands this. Entrusting skilled and trained professionals can help businesses channel efforts while saving money on troubleshooting and repairs.

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