Managed IT Services November 24, 2020

Eliminate Remote Working Disruptions with Managed IT Services in 2021

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

As the pandemic continues to define new rules on how we interact, remote working capabilities are at the forefront of business continuity planning. The primary requirement for any business is that of mobility and the freedom to meet client deliverables without interruptions. Digital technology plays a pivotal role here and adoption of digital technology is helping speed up these requirements. In fact, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is studying how to integrate physical, digital, and biological worlds. A World Economic Forum report says that while rebuilding the economy in a post-COVID-19 world, CTOs and CIOs — in all industrial companies— recognize that the timeframe for adoption of technologies consistent with Industry 4.0 will have to be shortened to build a resilient and safer future.

Going forward, the need for adoption of digital technology will only increase. Though the IT infrastructure of any business plays a key role in this digital transformation, harnessing IT services, either partially or completely, brings in its own benefits, especially in situations such as the current pandemic, where remote working is not an option but a necessity.

Here are some ways in which the managed IT services can eliminate remote working disruptions in a business:

Providing Flexibility to Business Stakeholders

Managed IT services can provide resources as needed and in a timely manner. As required for remote work, managed IT offers ample flexibility to harness equipment, devices, dedicated teams, and/or IT support services such as cloud adoption. Flexible resources are primary to effective delivery of work requirements. Access to them helps in a seamless transition to remote working. At a time when social distancing is a necessity and transactions are mostly online or over the phone, businesses cannot afford to lose out on the flexibility afforded by remote work arrangements.

Creating Productivity and Efficiencies

Managed IT services allow for sourcing, implementing, and securing technology for remote working. The efficiencies of businesses increase due to enhanced accessibility of the work force, information, and data. With real time data and information sharing allowing teams to collaborate, remote working can be more productive as well. For businesses, this translates into systems that are managed by the service provider, come equipped with better security for data and information (password, encryption, and authorized access), and are independent of physical location or even personnel.

In addition, managed IT services also help businesses with strategies to conquer the inadequacies of remote work. Managed IT acts as a consultant to make remote work effective for a business, while also keeping in mind the flexibility of work schedules.

Addressing Security Concerns While Staying Competitive

Even as businesses adapt to the new norms necessitated by COVID-19, their own customers grapple with challenges. This has led to new requirements, such as increased dependence on distance learning, video conferences, chats, screen sharing, project management systems, and better collaboration using digital technology. The dependence on distance collaboration also brings into focus the need for IT support, such as group chat tools. These tools are associated with security concerns of the business as well. Managed IT services take care of training the managers and team leads to browse these channels and start conversations while taking into account all security checks. This allows interactions while maintaining confidentiality and privacy of information. A robust and reliable IT support system serves to strengthen business continuity by aiding uninterrupted operations in a secure way.

Managed IT: Speed, Security, and Better Management

As your sole IT support or as an extension of your already existing IT team, managed IT services engage closely with your team to achieve business goals, while working remotely. Whether small businesses choose to switch to managed services completely, or to augment select services, a customized IT set-up can help businesses work without boundaries, literally. Remote working can be strengthened with the help of reliable back up, 24×7 IT support, and the proven nature of dedicated solutions provided by the managed services providers. Businesses looking at growth in 2021 should consider the benefits gained by harnessing the advantages of managed IT services for their remote working requirements. At Analytix, we have been working closely with small and mid-sized businesses for more than a decade, helping them access professional expertise, including IT needs. Our assistance is available on an as-needed basis. We offer scalable solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of the business. To learn more about what we do, email us at or call 781.503.9002 and we will get in touch with you.

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