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Improving Customer Service for Your eCommerce Website with Chatbot

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Getting started with online business in 2021 is easier than ever. Within clicks, you can set up your eCommerce platform and start selling. Now, anyone with computer knowledge can set up an online store. Moving a business online is not a big deal anymore.

Competing in the market and growing with speed to attract more customers is important to any business. If you want to compete in the market, you need a robust eCommerce website that comes with the latest technology stack like a chatbot. A report by Drift indicates that 55% of companies with chatbots got more quality leads. These days, entrepreneurs are adding AI-powered chatbots to provide eCommerce business support.

Customer service has always been the top priority for businesses to maintain a good relationship with consumers.  A customer service chatbotautomates this process. A statistical report by Invesp shows that nearly 67% of customers interacted with a chatbot in the last 12 months worldwide.

Customer Services Chatbot Infographics


A chatbot is a tool used to provide eCommerce customer support without the need for human contact. Chatbots can connect with single or multiple users at a time to offer a fast solution to problems. Chatbots encourage human-like conversation with customers and interact with them fully.

The chatbot can connect with new customers to assist them in the shopping experience. It can help them find the right products and services. This can increase sales on the website.

In addition, existing customers can simply interact with chatbots anytime they need solutions to problems. The chatbot is integrated with the entire business system to provide eCommerce customer support. It can find all customer information from the backend system within seconds.

Chatbots understand customer behavior and collect important data to provide a personalized experience.

This is one of the best ways to improve customer service for an eCommerce website.

In the past, businesses hired customer support executives and delivered customer services. However, customers often became frustrated with the long wait time and lost hope in products and services.

Today, we can simply add a customized chatbot to the website and automate the entire customer support executive roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of chatbots in an eCommerce website

Chatbots are predesigned with custom replies, commands, and artificial intelligence. Chatbots automatically understand the customer question and send the matching reply within seconds. Customers no longer need to wait to solve their problems. Customer service chatbots can attend to many users simultaneously.

  1. Optimized Customer Support – Customers don’t have to wait to talk to an agent for help. Chatbots handle unlimited queries in seconds.
  2. 24/7 Live Support – Chatbots are always live, anyone with internet can utilize chatbots for assistance.
  3. Automation – It is no longer necessary to have a human on customer service tasks. Let the machine do all the hard work. Data available on Userlike shows that almost 68% of customers like chatbots for providing quick answers.
  4. Customer Data Collection – On each interaction, chatbots create user profiles and store data accordingly with a greater understanding. This aids in improving marketing strategies.
  5. Personalized shopping experience – Chatbots can drive the customer to complete their shopping experience in a single chat. Chatbots engage with the customer, understand their purpose, qualify requirements, and convert interest to sales by providing appropriate solutions.
  6. Enhanced Marketing and Sales – Chatbots connect with website visitors actively and meet their needs effectively. Visitors can simply click on given suggestions to complete their shopping without browsing on the website.  Chatbots can notify customers with emails and encourage them to buy products and services.
  7. Cost-Effective Solution – Chatbot technology is much cheaper than maintaining customer service executives. You can save up to 30% of business investment by optimizing customer service chatbotsin your eCommerce website.
  8. Integration with other platforms – Allow your customer to interact from a favorite communication channel and manage the chat from the single dashboard. The chatbot can be easily integrated with your platform Messenger, Slack, website, and other social media platforms.
  9. Business Analysis – AI powered chatbots automatically understand your business and analyze weekly and monthly sales reports in a simple format for you to track progress. Chatbots are designed to understand marketing strategies and improve them.
  10. Business development – Chatbots automate your business process so you can focus on things that matter.

Chatbot functions

  • Share product details
  • Provide order details
  • Modify and confirm customers order
  • Mange appointments
  • Track orders
  • Help customers to request quotes
  • Provide seamless product searches
  • Provide shipping/delivery information

With the growing eCommerce market, consumers are looking for vendors that can offer personalized shopping experiences. They need to feel familiar with a company before ordering products. They are seeking more security and proof to build trust. Improving customer service can help your business grow faster. It is one of the best ways to win customer trust and understanding. When you provide better support, customers will learn to love your brand and market your products and services in their circle.

Do you want to add a chatbot to your existing website?

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Providing customer service is an essential business function. It enhances customer relationships with the brand. In addition, better customer service can attract new customers. It is important to improve customer service on your eCommerce website to increase sales and keep customers happy. To automate this process, you can add a chatbot to your eCommerce website. Chatbots provide highly effective customer support to multiple users at one time. Chatbots are a reliable and advanced solution for growing an eCommerce business in 2021.

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