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Driving Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

eCommerce is booming right now. There is no doubt.

Do you have an eCommerce website?

eCommerce website development is the first step towards growing business.

Online sellers and shoppers have increased markedly and their numbers are growing without limit. Consumers are finding eCommerce a convenient option for shopping. This is great news for businesses like yours.

It is hard to attract customers online because of the volume of marketplaces and competition.

Are you getting enough traffic?

Perhaps not. There are many reasons for this. The simplest solution is running paid campaigns to drive more ecommerce store traffic. This is costly and may not be in your budget.

Another solution for driving more traffic is eCommerce store optimization.

Did you know that Google search engine ranks websites based on website loading speed and content delivery method? Google wants its users to find the best solutions faster. For many businesses, the Google search engine is a good source to redirect traffic to their website. In addition, other sources like social media platforms generate good traffic but it may be difficult to convert these users to customers.

Driving traffic, converting viewers to customers.

The second step in growing your business is driving quality traffic to your website and converting guests to customers by providing a seamless experience.

This newsletter discusses how you can drive more traffic to your eCommerce store without investing money in digital marketing.

1. Decreasing Loading Time

Faster websites help consumers to explore products and services more efficiently. The best website loading speed is 4 seconds. Check your website speed here (https://gtmetrix.com/ ) and work on the suggestion given by this tool.

Google loves faster websites and it ranks them on top searches. So this is your chance to attract more visitors.

2. Social Media Integration

Use all the social media platforms to engage with customers. In today’s environment, you can sell products on social media platforms to boost revenue. Have you tried the Instagram shop?

You can also run paid campaigns on social media to grasp more customers. Social media platforms give you an option to target a specific group of audience. To run social media campaigns effectively, you can create customer personas to understand consumers.

3. Content Optimization

Add valuable content to the website and create a clean look for your customer. This helps them grasp information faster and make better decisions.

To enhance customer knowledge and influence them, you can use demo videos about your products and services.

Almost 69% of customers believe that a product demo assists them in making a purchase decision.

4. Responsive eCommerce Website

Online shoppers are mostly browsing your website through mobile devices. For comfortable viewing, and make sure your website is responsive and views well on all platforms.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Add SEO-friendly content on the website to drive maximum traffic from search engines. SEO content includes meta descriptions, alternate text, keywords, on-page and off-page SEO, site structure, and a lot more.

This is the most common way to drive unlimited traffic for free.

6. Cart and Checkout Optimization

Do you know that 70% of the users abandon their cart at the end of their shopping experience? To decrease the cart abandonment rate, optimize your cart page by removing all external content and links.

  • Remove all the unnecessary fields, texts, and navigation.
  • Add a secured payment gateway that offers multiple payment options.

7. Email Marketing

Send emails to your existing customers to inform them about special discounts. In addition, remind visitors about their abandoned cart and ask them to complete the purchase. This is a great way to drive quality traffic.

To decrease the abandoned cart rate, you can drop emails to shoppers that didn’t complete their goal. You can reach out to them with a good offer and influence them to buy.

Enhance Your eCommerce store based on customer experience. The third step in growing your business is to repeatedly enhance your eCommerce website based on customer experience and feedback.

Quick Tips to Drive eCommerce Store Traffic

1. Referral marketing – When a customer refers to another consumer, it builds trust and increases sales. Motivate your customers to refer your business and in return, you can reward them.

2. Offer free shipping – Don’t charge your customer shipping fee. They might feel like paying more and abandoning the cart.

3. Influencer marketing – social media influencers can drive customers to your website. Use their fan following and redirect them to your store.

4. Contests and Giveaways – customers’ loves give away. This can help you to spread the word faster in the market and drive ecommerce store traffic.

5. Call to action – add CTA on landing pages and web pages to redirect customers to your business goals.

6. Incorporate chat – use chatbot to assist and provide faster customer support.

7. Showcase best sellers – add a column on web pages to showcase best sellers to motivate customers to shop from these merchants.

8. Reviews and rating – This can influence a user to buy products based on the ratings and reviews left by previous customers.

9. Build trust using badges – Show your customer that your eCommerce store is fully secured with advanced technologies.

10. Collect data everywhere – understand your customer and their experience on the website to enhance store functionalities and attack them with their weak points. In addition, you can use Google Analytics and other SEO tools to know your customers.

Do you want more help?

Take a look at these back-end details. This might be a common reason why you are losing customers. Evaluate these details and review with your website administrator.

● Web Hosting

Hosting is the most important factor in eCommerce store

optimization. Ensure that you use the best hosting solution to offer complete satisfaction to your customers. Everything starts with web hosting so you have to get it right.

PHP Accelerators

Accelerators increase the speed of PHP applications. Add accelerators to your PHP website to improve the overall performance of the website. To enable these functions, go to the webmaster tool or web hosting and add them.

If you are using other programming languages, you don’t need these accelerators. They are predefined in the development process.

Gzip Compression

This is a tool used to compress server files before they are sent to the browser. This allows webpages to load faster. It is one of the best solutions to load web pages more efficiently.

If these back-end details are overwhelming, consider working with a professional eCommerce deployment organization. An eCommerce partner can take care of back-end technical details while you focus on building business.

Partner with a good eCommerce website development company that can offer you an engaging website with all the latest features to drive more ecommerce store traffic.

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