Software Engineering

We can help at any point in your software development cycle, whether you need support in a single stage of product development or a comprehensive programming solution. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in application development services.

Managed IT Services

Our approach blends people, processes, and technology. You can focus on your business, while we support your infrastructure, technology, and network. With Analytix IT, you can expect optimal systems, all of the time.

QA & Software Testing

We are your partner in this integral part of the development process. We blend manual and automated testing for a personalized quality assurance process.

E-commerce Solutions

Analytix works with various solutions to meet your E-commerce needs. We have a wealth of experience with platforms such as BigCommerce, Volusion, and Shopify, and frameworks including Magento and WooCommerce.

Website Design & Development

Analytix creates simple yet powerful web designs that deliver result for our clients, including increased visitor conversions, better brand positioning, improved customer relationship management, and increased engagement.

Professional Services

We can supplement as much or as little of your staff as necessary. Our experienced IT professionals partner with your IT team or manage the entire IT process.

Technology Stack

At Analytix, technology is in our DNA. Our technology knowledge empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensure your improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, and project risk mitigation.

Microsoft technologies

Analytix is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We help organizations like yours develop, deploy, and integrate Microsoft technologies. Our services and solutions help companies better engage internally, optimize business processes, and improve customer experiences.

Open Source Technologies

We have been working on open source Development technologies to include Ecommerce, Content Management System and Blogs for respective open source, and many such other services.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development provides a common and robust architectural foundation across public, private, and managed servers; cloud technology helps organizations deploy scalable/reliable applications—in an affordable and effective manner.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development provides a common and robust architectural foundation across public, private, and managed servers; cloud technology helps organizations deploy scalable/reliable applications—in an affordable and effective manner.

At Analytix, we are committed to bridging your old infrastructural capabilities with new and power-packed cloud components.

Our team of expert architects and developers can help you decide which cloud solution fits your needs, e.g., Azure, Google App Engine, or AWS.

What makes Analytix different?

Analytix has extensive knowledge and experience in solving problem for small and medium sized businesses. This allows employees and customers to easily access applications from virtually any location, promoting increased productivity and supporting core business functions.

“Our dedicated team of Cloud Infrastructure professionals can also assist you to migrate your legacy infrastructure to cloud.”

Analytix works with you every step of the way to help clearly define requirements and assists in providing you with a custom cloud rather than one-size-fits-all.

How can Analytix help?

  • Cloud Strategy & Consulting
    Cloud Strategy & Consulting

    We outline a system of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid models, to ensure that your IT Infrastructure utilization is maximized, procedures are virtualized, and time to market is faster.

    • Roadmap: With a structured approach to business requirements, keeping in mind technology infrastructure, we create a thorough roadmap to deploy appropriate cloud solutions.
    • Assessment: We perform a detailed assessment, with documentation of business and IT stakeholders, to determine readiness for cloud adoption.
    • Models for migration: We determine assets suitable for cloud migration and identify relevant cloud services.
  • Cloud-Native Application
    Cloud-Native Application

    Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications that fully exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model. The cloud has redefined the competitive landscape, across virtually all industries, by eliminating the focus on capital investment and staff to run an enterprise data center, replacing it with limitless computing power, on-demand and pay-as-you-go.

    We focus on building and operating cloud-native applications and services that automate and integrate the concepts of DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices, and containers, to ensure rapid development, deployment, and application management.

  • Modernize and Migrate Legacy Applications
    Modernize and Migrate Legacy Applications

    Legacy applications are vital to the unique needs of many organizations. In some cases, these applications may not be moved to the public cloud due to regulatory compliance. If the best option is to leave the applications on-premise, we evaluate and build a service oriented architecture (SOA) that allows mash-ups and integrations which permit access from new mobile and/or cloud applications.

    For applications that can be modernized, we develop a strategy for modernization, such as “lift-and-shift”, complete re-architecture, or anything in between. By establishing a phase-wise project plan, reinforced with industry best practices and structured processes, the migration is well planned, executed, and supported.

  • DevOps

    In today’s world, companies expect improved speed and quality of software delivery, with continuous visibility during the development cycle, along with reduced operational risks. DevOps is the collaboration between software developers and IT operations with the goal of automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It creates a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

    The Analytix DevOps team accelerates the software delivery process by providing a comprehensive Continuous Delivery environment. It offers a self-service mechanism for Dev – Test provisioning, in either a cloud or a hybrid environment.

  • Management & Automation
    Management & Automation

    We help you gain visibility and control across your cloud infrastructure by enabling simplified operations, management, automation, and security across the portfolio of cloud workloads including infrastructure, services, and apps. We manage the health, performance, and security of the cloud service ensuring reduced upfront investment and predictable on-going IT costs.

Cloud Platforms We Leverage


Analytix helps organizations understand the full potential of the AWS cloud without stressing over the onboarding process. We help customers move workloads and ERP to the AWS cloud. With access to the latest tools and AWS technology, we empower the move from legacy IT to a modern cloud-based platform.


Being a Microsoft Partner and utilizing the experience drawn from quite a few successful Azure Infrastructure deployments, we simplify the process of moving to the cloud. Our team of cloud experts backed by ITIL® framework, and industry best practices, help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft® Azure. We build a resilient Azure infrastructure, to rapidly deploy or migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime and risk.

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