Managed IT Services June 1, 2018

Building Your IT Infrastructure for Business Success

Written by Analytix Editorial Team aixsa

An effective IT infrastructure is essential for any healthy and growing organization. Ensuring the backbone of your company is solid will position you for success in all facets of your business. By creating a plan for your entire infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks, data centers, and facilities, you optimize your back office so your front office runs smoothly. Consider evaluating these items when building your IT infrastructure:

  • Security: The biggest threat to your business is a breach of security. Keeping your IT infrastructure secure is a task that never ends. Ensure that your software is up-to-date, your strategy for external devices is solid, and your IT professionals have a comprehensive and proactive plan to monitor and manage all aspects of your organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • Rising Costs: A traditional IT infrastructure combines hardware, software, storage, and networking. If each component is managed separately, the integration of each means constant maintenance. If you change one item, all of the code must also be updated so that various components can work together. Consider relying on a cohesive structure and plan to update parts of your infrastructure, so that a simple change does not lead to rising costs.
  • Scalability: It is important to have a long term information technology plan that can expand as your business thrives and, if necessary, become lean in times of slower growth. A software and hardware strategy that addresses future requirements of your business is essential to keeping costs in check and assuring benefits are realized.
  • Redundancy: The design of your infrastructure should ensure that when a component fails, there will be an immediate backup. By providing redundant components, such as servers or network system components — fans, hard drives, operating systems, etc. — you ensure minimum downtime and loss of productivity. It is incumbent on IT to ensure that platforms continue to operate through failures and do so cost effectively.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: A cohesive plan to ensure data availability at all times is essential to a successful IT strategy. Organizations face the possibility of data breaches, viruses, cyber attacks, and natural disasters that threaten the viability of continued business transactions. You’ll need a recovery solution that allows you to prevent further damage and bring applications back online seamlessly, with minimal interruptions.

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