Digital Transformation July 14, 2021

Building a Digital or Ecommerce Presence for Your Business

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Setting up a business is easier than maintaining it. It is the same with eCommerce or any other digital venture. After the initial set up and launch, all businesses can benefit from consistent efforts to maintain momentum and ensure efforts do not go waste.

For eCommerce businesses, consistent effort is critical to build a strong digital presence to retain customers.

Creating relevant messaging

Visitors tend to remain engaged with eCommerce websites that are attractive and engaging, easy to navigate, and full of compelling content. However, building a strong presence also includes ensuring that visitors are motivated enough to keep coming back.

The secret to continued and consistent customer retention is messaging. Messaging includes topics of interest to customers, such as a particular offer, or discounts, or a holiday sale, for example. If something catches the visitor’s eye and offers relevance as well as reason, purchases are far more likely.

Relevant messaging can cut through the clutter of competition while money-saving offers such as discounts and sales can motivate visitors to make a purchase.

Ensuring your message reaches the customer

Once the messaging is decided, it is a wasted effort if the message does not reach its intended audience. Building a digital presence for your business is more about understanding customers and providing what they need most.

  • Monitor the message delivery

Too often email addresses entered by visitors may be invalid, incomplete, or simply incorrect. It is important to sift through the data to check whether the message is getting delivered or simply bouncing back without reaching a customer.

A dedicated effort should include checking the validity of data provided, performing confirmation if necessary, and finally, launching the communication.

Building Business Digital Presence Infographics
  • Verify the communication

Whether it is about email authentication or the need to conduct an audit to verify email addresses, businesses need to make sure the communication is reaching the intended audience.

  • Follow-up with confirmation communication

Following up is a vital step in communication. Follow-up can also act as a second-level verification tool for a business. Verification is important when a visitor signs up with your business, they expect to hear back from you. Failure at this stage could negatively impact lead conversion.

  • Harness professional expertise

Professional assistance with your eCommerce set-up can positively influence the entire business. Your in-house systems may need diligent maintenance and upgrades, which may be costly. With professional systems that are already upgraded and regularly maintained, your business saves time and money.

Bringing it all together

Partnering with an eCommerce services provider can take care of your business needs, with the aid of expertise and industry best practices. The basic but essential technical details provided by website and eCommerce experts can help business owners digitally transform their business, while ensuring time to devote to critical business building and strategy development for a digital presence.

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