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        Digital Evolution

        Analytix Digital Evolution services is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. We enable companies to continually align with the challenges of business disruption and engineer transformation to build business growth.

        We help organizations integrate people, processes, and insights to re-engineer the products, services and experiences they offer to their customers. Our innovation, technologies, and strategies optimize business outcome & market reach of enterprises. Our technology‐enabled services change how the enterprise engages with its customers, optimizes its functions, and re-engineers its operating models.

        Our digital evolution transforms business and organizational activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the accelerating impact across the business landscape in a strategic way or the present and future.

        Roadmap Digital Applications Roadmap & Digital Applications

        Roadmap & Digital Apps

        The journey to becoming a digitally enabled company to increase revenue, market share and be business agile

        Digital Interactive Digital Interactive

        Digital Interactive

        Integration of efficient processes, automation, tools and platforms to build efficiency & speed

        Insights Automation Insights & Automation

        Insights & Automation

        Quantitative methods focusing on data, business logic and analysis with AI driven qualitative methods

        Roadmap & Digital Apps

        For successful digital re-invention, organizations need to pursue a new strategic focus, build new expertise and establish new ways of working. Digital transformation involves re-alignment business processes, how a business delivers its product/services, acknowledgment that the transformation requires adoption and must be part of the long-term road map for the business.

        We conduct a digital readiness assessment to gauge organizations’ digital maturity, create a roadmap for transformation & integrate various digital elements, & create a POC to see real benefits across several areas. We also create a foundation to scale up the process for assessing further on successful innovations, re-engineering or discarding unsuccessful ones.

        Roadmap & Digital Applications

        Digital technology is changing traditional industry structures, economics and is reinterpreting what it means to be in business aligned with the challenges. To thrive in a rapidly changing business environment, organizations will need to offer customers compelling new experiences, establish new focus, build new expertise and devise new ways of working. We bring in multiple facets of digital solutions for enterprises:

        Mobility Solutions

        Enterprises are embracing the mobile revolution as they explore new ways mobile devices can improve operational efficiency and employee productivity.
        Analytix has broad experience in building Enterprise Applications on mobile for industry-specific needs like Insurance, Retail, and Logistics. With rich domain and industry experience and a proven methodology for mobile application development, we have the relevant experience in developing B2B, B2C, and B2E mobile applications.

        Cloud Solutions

        Analytix partners with you to enhance your digital transformation process with cloud solutions that make technology align with your business needs. Analytix is a specialist in cloud application development with real-world experience in carefully assessing and planning security, scalability, and capacity to build and deploy applications in cloud

        Analytix provides a large selection of cloud services comprising of consulting, managing and processing data and creating applications. You can do everything you need quickly and cost-effectively. We provide technologies and solutions that are flexible and accessible wherever you are. Whether you’re an IT manager, developer or entrepreneur, choose the Cloud that best fits your needs.

        Digital Interactive

        Analytix is aligning with the changing dynamics of customer expectations triggered by innovations and disruptive technologies to create digital enablement and engaging experiences. We are creating digital enterprises to take them on the path of evolution by rewriting the customer experience, identifying new lines of customer reach, crafting the right experience design and building immersive and interactive engagement options.

        Analytix combines digital design capabilities, technology, and creative resources to deliver impactful experiences. Our UX designs are seamlessly integrated with business objectives to provide end-to-end strategy & services to optimize your end-user experience and maximize business.

        Our solutions cover several elements of this new digital awakening:

        User Experience Design

        We create a wide variety of models and concepts to explore potential solutions that we validate with users to avoid any pitfalls or failed business outcomes. Our approach is based on amalgamating a user-centric design with industry best practices at all stages to eventually create the perfect user experience.

        We focus on sketching, affinity designs, storyboards, taxonomies, information architecture, rapid prototyping, wireframing, interface & interaction design, illustration and branding perspectives.

        Digital Content

        Our content solution is a way to reach more audiences by magnifying the power of content that you have already created. We take your content and create new solutions based out of the original. We then share it to several high-quality outlets that link back to your website, sending you visitors and helping with SEO.

        • Make multiple utilization of your content
        • Make your content build results & visibility
        • Get high links back to your website
        • Utilize several different mediums

        Commerce Solutions

        Our personalized solutions for your online Ecommerce business are curated specifically for you based on your business type, market segment, business volume and customers to ensure every aspect is fine-tuned for your desired outcome. The specific focus and custom approach of our commerce solution makes us the partner of choice for start-ups, SMBs and even established players as we carefully understand and evaluate your business dynamics for best possible Ecommerce sustainability.

        Our solution covers the entire spectrum of Ecommerce including Omnichannel, Marketplace, Mobile Commerce, B2B & Wholesale and Subscription Commerce. Our end-to-end solution combines digital commerce consulting, experience design services, intelligent after-market experience, and sales-enabling solutions.

        Insight & Automation

        We enable organizations to make key strategic and operations decisions based on data-driven rather than assumptive theories and instincts. We use AI enabled data-driven processes to empower their decision-making process that can derive more value out of their investments and get aligned with the company’s vision & mission. Leveraging the right mix of technology components, Our Data-Value Framework is the power behind our accurate insights delivering quick and effective solutions to complex business challenges.

        Analytix Automation solution has become a powerful lever to deliver veritable outcomes while lowering organizations’ total cost of operations, paving way for process accuracy, enhancing productivity, and breaking open new business outcomes.

        Insight-Led Transformation

        Our data-driven transformation solves complex business problems and helps realize the true potential of data transformation. We recalibrate your business addressing the failure-points and align data initiatives in line with the overall outcome planning of the business.

        We use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the future outcomes based on historical data. The objective is to analyze past records and data in assessment of what will happen in the future. Our Insights and analysis cover the following:

        • Customer Insight & Analysis
        • Sales Insight & Analysis
        • Marketing Insight & Analysis

        KPI Engineering

        What cannot be measured cannot be improved. This is reflected in KPI ( Key Performance Indicators) with pre-defined parameters, measurement of heterogeneous data and metrics.
        We provide KPI Engineering services that enable quantifiable measurements to help an organization measure the success of critical factors based on data and its intelligent analytics. Our KPI Engineering & Analytics analyze data granularly, providing insight into very specific information, in visual format – charts, tables, and presentations. These insights empower you as a decision-maker.

        • Revenue improvement
        • Cost reduction
        • Process cycle-time improvement
        • Increased customer satisfaction

        AI & Machine Learning

        Analytix has been riding the wave of automation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions by empowering and transforming businesses by deploying Chatbots to AI-driven platforms. We also help businesses in building cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to become a digital business leader in their chosen markets. We leverage machine learning (ML), image recognition, and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies to the fullest benefit of its customers to make our customers gain a competitive edge and help them achieve accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness and high scalability with their products and solutions. We assess and analyze your business and create AI solutions that help you in achieving your goals. We use the best of contemporary technologies for building an effective and powerful intelligence system for your organization.

        Some of the areas we help our customers with:

        • AI-driven Sales & Marketing
        • Next-Gen AI Customer Support
        • AI Entity Extraction
        • AI Chatbots for Commerce

        Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

        We are helping organizations achieve advanced levels of efficiency and digitalization through our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

        Analytix has been at the forefront of RPA automation for a variety of sectors including finance, healthcare, and real estate. We can automate data entry between diverse financial software applications and reducing manual tasks through RPA.

        Workflow Automation RPA:

        • Automating business-critical workflows across the enterprise
        • Mass mail generation, archiving and extracting

        Data Related RPA:

        • Automate manual high-volume data entry across multiple systems
        • Data extraction from PDFs, Excel sheets, scanned documents
        • Automated report preparation and send them on schedule
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