Managed IT Services July 1, 2018

Moving To Managed IT Services For Business Success

Written by Analytix Editorial Team Jagruti Patel

Your company is thriving, your customer base is growing, and your revenues are increasing. What could go wrong? Maybe nothing at all, but without a competent backbone and plan, your business relies on luck, rather than depending upon process, protocol, and expertise. It is important to plan your information technology strategy so that it keeps up with your success and ensures your business continues to run smoothly. A managed IT solution allows your employees to focus on business, instead of handling IT problems, which is always better for the bottom line.

So, why move to managed IT? Consider the following:

  • Free up your staff for strategic tasks. Rather than dealing with day-to-day operations, your skilled employees can focus on strategies for growing your business. A competent managed IT partner will gain an understanding of your unique challenges and create a plan to meet them. Specialists and a flexible number of virtual employees address your needs, only when necessary. Instead of relying on your staff to identify and address IT issues that may be outside their area of expertise, a managed IT partner focuses on optimal information technology performance, so your staff can focus on your business growth and revenue.
  • Choose from a variety of offerings. Whether you have an overextended existing IT staff or none at all, a managed IT partner should be able to offer a collaborative arrangement, from supplementing your staff for specific requirements to all-day, every-day, around-the-clock coverage. The focus of your managed IT partner should be to give you just what you require so that you can focus on your business success, while continuing an open discussion of what your needs might be in the future.
  • Increase security and compliance. Each year, there is an increase in the number of cyberattacks, many of them targeting small and medium sized businesses. With the many ways today‚Äôs data is stored and transmitted, including laptops, phones, tablets, and personal computers, your staff must be educated on risks of using different devices and operating systems. Your managed IT partner should be capable of creating a comprehensive and strategic plan that ensures the protection of all of your data. In addition, industry-specific compliance, including HIPAA for the legal and medical fields, should be supplemented with managed security protocol, policies, and procedures.
  • Take a proactive approach, using new technologies. With managed IT experts, identify issues before they become problems and plan for new technologies to address future needs. If you wait until something is broken or is no longer performing at an optimal level, valuable time is wasted searching for solutions and fixes. Well maintained systems, patch management, and network monitoring ensure that the backbone of your business continues to thrive. Your managed IT partner should be proficient in automating tasks, such as alerting when a backup has failed, applying patches, monitoring systems and optimizing the working environment.
  • Ensure cost effectiveness. Hiring, training, and retraining in-house IT staff requires valuable time and resources. Rather than focus on the professional development of technologists, partnering with managed IT brings just the right skill to the job when you need it. In addition, remote monitoring, maintenance, and prevention of problems is far more cost effective than stumbling along until something breaks or an old operating platform is no longer serviceable.

Analytix Solutions provides the expertise to monitor and manage your on-premise or cloud IT infrastructure. We ensure peace of mind and cost savings for small and medium sized businesses. For more information on our services or to find out more about our complimentary review of your needs, visit us at

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