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        Experience Transformation

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        As the traditional industry structures and economics gets challenged by the digital topography, re-aligning the business is necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Organizations need to create impactful experiences for customers, optimize engagement and devise new ways of working.

        Analytix combines digital design, technology and creative expertise to deliver comprehensive user interface & experience design solutions. Our specialized Web, Products, Mobile User Interface (UI/UX) design, development & visual design services augment your brand by communicating methodical user-centric and easy-to-use web applications. We create user case profiles, wireframes and page designs and thus make the user interface design feel alive.

        Our UX designs are seamlessly integrated with business objectives to provide strategy & services to optimize your end-user experience and maximize business.

        Discovery Mapping Discovery & Mapping

        Discovery & Mapping

        Creating a blueprint to assess needs, impact and potential route to achieve the outcome of user experience

        UX Modelling UX Modelling & Creation

        UX Modelling & Creation

        Our process of providing meaningful and relevant experiences thru’ usability creation and functional integration

        Usability Engineering Usability Engineering

        Usability Engineering

        Cross-functional expertise combining design & engineering to develop & implement innovative usability solutions

        Discovery & Mapping

        The first step in the UX process, where we conduct a planning level user and business analysis. It is imperative to learn in full detail about the client’s business, objectives, users, market, target segments, and competitors.

        Activities during this phase usually consist of stakeholder interviews, user insights, and design implications, sorting and surveys, user journey mapping, work-flow, process design, task and outcome analysis, ideation. Our recommendations impact business expectations, and support decision-making to finally improve the user experience.

        Discovery & Mapping

        UX Modelling & Creation

        Built on a foundation of the discovery and mapping, we create experiences that build relationships with your existing and new customers of enduring and evolving value. We create a wide variety of models and concepts to explore potential solutions that we validate with users to avoid any pit falls or failed business outcomes.

        We focus on sketching, affinity designs, storyboards, taxonomies, information architecture, rapid prototyping, wireframing, interface & interaction design, illustration and branding perspectives.

        UX Modelling & Creation

        Usability Engineering

        To deliver a great customer experience, we follow a structured process to help our clients to transform their end customers’ experience and build their competitive advantage. Our process looks at understanding the customers and relate their needs and the brands’ to the design perspectives blended with creativity, technology and business expertise to deliver it. Analytix identifies the customers’ challenges to link human relationship with technology. Our team of digital strategists, designers, and developers approach the challenge systematically to establish a logical strategy that covers all factors.

        Website ExperienceDesign

        Website Experience

        Intuitively crafted UI/UX for websites & online applications to enhance visitor exp, engagement, & conversions

        Product Interface Design

        Product Interface

        Our designs build impact & ease of use to market-leading products & apps to beat competition and reel in the customers.

        Dashboard Experience Design

        Dashboard Experience

        We make BI dashboards actionable, operational & usable with design-driven visualization that is easy to understand & interpret

        Mobile App Experience Design

        Mobile App Experience

        We enrich mobile apps with a responsive & user-friendly design created by our UI/UX experts exceeding user expectations & value

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