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        Customer Analytics

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        Our customer analytics interprets heterogeneous data of markets and customers across diverse segments to evaluate the success of marketing initiatives and the customers’ response. Using quantitative & qualitative methods and focusing on data, statistics, customer surveys and focus groups we give insights about customers, business potentials
        and strategic inputs.

        Analytix provides specifics of visitors and customers to create personalized messaging that matter to them and where the opportunities lie.

        Segment Analysis Segment Analysis

        Segment Analysis

        Data driven clustering model to analyze large data volumes to perform accurate segmentation

        Value Analysis Value Analysis

        Value Analysis

        Retain your customer through an optimized analysis driven digital marketing plan

        Churn Analysis Churn Analysis

        Churn Analysis

        Measure customer response to service, pricing, competition to manage risks build retention

        Segment Analysis

        Our need-based segmentation is the type of analysis used to develop accurate customer segmentation that allows marketers to engage with each customer in the most effective way. Analytix follows data driven clustering model to analyze large data volumes to perform accurate segmentation involving large numbers of finely sliced data elements. Keeping in perspective customer behaviour and continuously measuring the segmentation and customer movement we achieve far more accurate segmentation than other methods.

        Segment Analysis

        Value Analysis

        Analytix empowers you with advance business intelligence capable of opening complex market opportunities to build your competitive advantage. Our value analysis helps you in retaining your customer through an optimized digital marketing plan.  We address the following:

        • Identifying key factors of customers’ value
        • Benchmark company’s vis-à-vis competition on multiple customer values
        • Customer rating of company’s performance
        • Monitors customer values over time

        Value Analysis

        Churn Analysis

        Analytix Churn Analysis provides a measure of customers who discontinue a service or product in a specific timeframe. This analysis measures the customer response to service, pricing, competition. We help you ascertain and understand the underlying reasons, manage risks associated and thus
        develop clear plans and strategies to business value.

        Benefits of our Churn Analytics:

        • Helps improve customer retention
        • Identifies relevant segments for focused campaigns
        • Identifies why customers are leaving
        • Helps understand customers better and build loyalty

        Churn Analysis

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