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Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce

The retail and eCommerce industry is reinventing everyday to be contemporary and competitive for addressing customer demands for efficient services and effective prices. The objective is to develop a deep understanding of demands, supply chain planning and business operation workflows.

Addressing the cost optimization and operations challenges for the retail and eCommerce business, Analytix is creating digitally driven customer engagement solutions. We are creating contemporary technology-based solutions, digital products and mobile apps, empowering them to fully transform customer experience.

Built around our industry leading product, Insight360, we offer the retail & eCommerce industry fully integrated solutions across the value chain; from vendor management planning to supply chain activities to store and multi-channel offerings.

Analytix digital solutions for Retail and eCommerce are built using cloud, analytics, mobility optimizing operations, transactions, customer experience and business growth. Our agile teams and processes reduce costs, risks and release-time

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

Today’s business environment presents new risks and challenges every day. Small to mid-sized businesses recognize that in order to remain competitive they need to possess the ability to respond to evolving market conditions. Non-core tasks are being outsourced. Businesses who want to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving environment are partnering with Analytix, committed to making them more efficient and more profitable.

The depth and breadth of our industry experience has allowed us to develop a full range of customized F&A Products and Solutions. We help our clients track key financial data, use predictive analytics and operational indicators real-time on a single platform.

Get to Know Your Business Better Through Business Analytics :
Improve your understanding of your financial and operational big picture to make better, more informed business decisions.

Modern Accounting Systems for Small and Mid-Size Businesses :
Analytix uses proprietary technology and systems designed to expedite project delivery times and ensure accuracy across all of our services, including F&A systems, products as well as online and cloud-based solutions.

Latest Technology & Proprietary Tools :
We deploy proven systems and technology tools for managing our clients’ engagements. With automated processes and cloud-based portal, delivery times are expedited, our response time to client inquiries is faster, and data accuracy is ensured.

Real Estate

Real Estate

We offer enterprise solutions for real estate such as real estate portals, loaded with property information & listing, Lead Management System as well as Mobile apps with search feature powered by navigational tools, virtual tour feature as well as photo/video upload.

Real Estate Apps :
Our mobile apps for real estate enable practitioners to view and showcase property on their smart devices, and provide access to key business data, KPIs and reports and help in acquiring and tracking clients and prospects.

Data & Content Solutions :
Analytix Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can transform the way you handle your business-critical data. Our custom developed ECM solutions play an effective role in handling any form of data with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Real Estate Portals :
Our enterprise portal enterprise solutions for real estate creates a store-house of property information & listings, Agent login, Lead Management System powered by navigational tools, virtual tour feature as well as photo/video upload.

Collaboration Tools :
We develop mobility enabled collaboration tools seamlessly integrating agents and customers to upload and manage documents. This can help agents and property managers to connect with customers on the go, as well as effective management of leads.

IT & Hi-tech

IT & Hi-tech

Analytix addresses the global Hi-tech and IT industry in transforming and rapidly growing by continuous product innovation, optimizing product life-cycle, adherence to market dynamics, shortening product lifecycles, changing market needs and many more solutions.

Our process-centric digital solutions, agile processes and industry specific analytics enable high tech companies to create value and build business growth from their partnerships with us.

For Software Enterprises:
From large scale complex enterprise infrastructure software to cross-platform vertically focused software – our flexible agile software development model ensures that ISVs can release their products on time. We serve you with our dedicated team of skilled teams, with best of technology and infrastructure–ensuring long-term commitment to your product’s road map.



Aligning with the challenges of the Hospitality industry and combining it with our knowledge of the evolving needs of the industry we partner with our clients to deliver optimum value through our technology-based solutions. Our skilled resources work with our domain experts to create address operations management, digital transformation, financial applications, predictive and diagnostic analytics leading to customer experience enhancement and business growth.

For Restaurants :
Access to financial and operational data required to make timely decisions which are critical to your restaurant’s success has never been easier. The Insight360 Portal for the Restaurant Industry provides owners and managers with 24/7 access to relevant metrics across multiple devices and locations to facilitate and positively impact decision making.

For Hotels :
The ability to access financial and operational data across multiple property locations is critical to hotels for making timely, impactful decisions. The Insight360 Portal for the Hotel Industry provides a platform for consolidating and reviewing relevant data and generating reports that may reveal insights which lead to stronger hotel management and financial results.



With our deep healthcare industry insights and practical experience from cross functional teams of domain and application experts, Analytix digital healthcare solutions are designed to transform operational processes, build efficiency and maximize profitability.

Our healthcare solutions offer real time access to key performance data, productivity applications and tools, and critical work-flows – a powerful combination for uncovering business insights to improve operations. We enable our clients boost ROI and have a wider reach to their global customers through our specially designed digital & mobility solutions.

For Software Enterprises :
From large scale complex enterprise infrastructure software to cross-platform vertically focused software – our flexible agile software development model ensures that ISVs can release their products on time. We serve you with our dedicated team of skilled teams, with best of technology and infrastructure–ensuring long-term commitment to your product’s road map.

For Physicians & Dentists :
Reviewing countless reports from your practice management, payroll and accounting systems to acquire the insights you are looking for is not an easy task for a busy medical practitioner. Our digital applications, products & mobility solutions are developed using input from top industry experts and delivers relevant, actionable, consolidated metrics from disparate systems in a single place.

For Veterinarians :
Providing your patients with high quality care while simultaneously running the business side of your practice can be very challenging, especially if the information that you need to make decisions is not accurate or readily available. Our solutions for Veterinarians, designed with input from top industry experts, facilitates balancing these two challenges by conveying the most relevant and important indicators to you.



Managing finances and data of a multi-unit franchise can be challenging. Analytix collaborates with franchise owners, to provide insights into the distinct nuances of their business. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions that significantly reduce time spent on data management tasks and drive profitability across franchises.

Consolidated data and metrics are at your fingertips for all your franchise entities via a customized portal for franchises. Easily identify prospective financial and operational issues so that you can focus on keeping your stores on track.

Some of the key features of our solutions for franchise management are :

  • Accurate financials delivered by experienced professionals
  • Services customized to your needs and easily scalable to support your growth
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for risk management and strategic initiatives
  • Flexibility to set up new systems, or work with your existing software
  • Single source solutions that range from bookkeeping to controller-level and part-time CFO services
Sports Management

Sports Management

Sports management companies are often confronted with increasing competition in building customer attention and business growth. Now they are seeking technology specialists to create solutions that make them competitive and effective in building and managing their businesses.

The Analytix team has extensive experience providing sports management facilities with solutions and applications that deliver data intelligence on trends analysis, deferred revenue reports, league sales reports and more. Our sports management solutions offer powerful, flexible business systems that enable companies to respond quickly, optimize operations and maximize ROI.

Our solution offers a robust financial and operations solution complemented by components that help streamline processes, including allocations, purchasing, budgeting, workflow, and document management.

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