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          Restaurants & <br>  Hotels

          Restaurants &

          So Much To Deal With! Order management, costs, profit analysis, staff, customer retention

          Tech solutions to reach more guests, grow your revenue, take informed decisions and optimize your service

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          We can provide an immersive experience for your guests through images, videos, communication leading to engagements, conversions and retention.

          We provide web solutions and mobile apps that enable guest can book table, provide immediate feedback through social media.

          Turnkey application development for restaurants and hotels addressing operations, staff management, transactions, ordering, supply, customer management and many more

          E-Menus help your customers to download the app on their smart phones and tablets. They can order directly from your app. You will receive the order via SMS, email or your CMS with all details.

          The ability to instantly order from your online menu provides easy access for your customers, conveniently browse and then order from your menu. Our online ordering solution leads to more and larger orders.

          Our online ordering solutions are liked equally by new and regular customers as they find this easy, convenient and quick.

          Our mobile solutions and progressive apps is the backbone in the process of providing the technology behind the nextgeneration customer experience.

          We create solutions for two-way communication : guests can access any service while you can use the application to contact guests to send important notifications, updates, offers, and alerts.

          The handheld technology apps created by us let employees see more customers and use the time to wait on them and make an impact, rather than running around managing everything physically.

          Data analytics to help you upsell conveniently. Our predictive analytics with geolocation data can canenable selling recommended products in real-time on-property.

          Data insights to improve your organization’s profits by 200% by effectively using it for yield management, creating personalized offers to customers through omni channel communications.

          Dashboard of predictive and prescriptive analytics to support forecasting, decision support and strategic initiatives leading to customer personalization and growth.

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          Retail & <br/>E-commerce

          Retail &

          So Much To Focus On! Operations, customer, demand, market analysis, efficient services & prices

          Creating contemporary solutions, digital products & apps to fully transform customer experience

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          We help retail companies with product and store ops, vendor optimization, enable omni-channels and thus increase revenue and profitability.
          Retail solutions which are specific to your needs:

          • Ops mgmt. systems including product integration
          • POS development & integration with POS devices
          • Back office mgmt. -item edit, inventory, staff etc.
          • Omnichannel retail and Ecommerce development that significantly expands your reach & business.
          • Progressive web app (PWA) development to give you mobile presence & digital connectivity.

          We plan & design Ecommerce solutions for your business by integrating the best of models, tools, platforms, integration and supplementary systems

          • Web store migration for a better Ecommerce platform with optimal performance.
          • UI/UX design to ensure the effective user experience for your clients.
          • Ecommerce ecosystem design integrating resource planning, payment gateway, warehousing, CRM etc.
          • Contemporary company web portal that supports your business and integrates all processes

          We help in adoption of contemporary technologies, digital re-engineering of legacy applications, integrating applications, APIs, and databases

          Our customer-first digital enablement strategies bring in newfound flexibility in operations, market reach, customer loyalty development and

          We enable you to connect & integrate assets like businesses, divisions, technologies & foster collaboration -staff, processes, vendors for profits.

          We help Retail companies to overcome challenges and struggle in the competitive market by assessing market potential & share, insights for market alignment, intelligent inputs for strategy & optimization. Some of key areas we address:

          • Product demand forecasting
          • Consumer analysis
          • Customer segmentation
          • Competition analysis

          Analysis of current status and prescriptive analysis for improvements thru’ reports by channel, division, region, store, department, and products.

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          Sports <br/>Management


          So Much To Sweat On! Overcoming competition, build customer attention, and business growth.

          Solutions to build competitiveness, analysis and effectively build and manage sports businesses

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          Solutions offer effective business operations along with features to streamline processes, allocations, budgeting, workflow, & member management.

          • MembershipManagement –Enrollment, digital integration, database, payment management
          • Mobile & Web App Development -Web portals and integrated website / mobile apps.
          • Client Engagement Solutions -Custom PWA or mobile app to boost client engagement with and as well as social media integrations, and more.
          • Sports league management solution for sports teams and organizations, coaches, players, and more. Application includes scheduling, game results tracking, availability management, reminders, player information, analytics and statistics.
          • Web-based solution for sports-event organizers -helps users manage operations, online registration, leagues organization.
          • Mobile & web solution designed for small and midsize sporting teams, programs and leagues. Features include website creation, registration, scheduling and payment processing.

          The sports industry is undergoing rapid change and digital technology is the only path to open opportunities for growth. Analytix is helping to capitalize on those opportunities through a structured digital transformation.

          • Expand content reach
          • Engage sponsors profitably
          • Design new revenue streams
          • Re-engineer people management
          • Create digitally aligned business processes

          Our sports software developers have the knowledge and skills to build a range of sports analytics tools for analyzing performance supported by curated data capture for performance and game analysis.:

          • Sports Analytics Software
          • Team Tracking
          • Applicant tracking & assessment
          • Sports Data Management
          • Analytics applications with extract, transfer / load (ETL) capabilities, to manage complex data sets
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          Finance & <br/>Accounting

          Finance &

          So Much To Count On!Data reliability, team expertise, processes and tech enablement.

          Services & tools to make SMEs competitive, navigate growth, take informed decisions & forecast better

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          Run your everyday operations effectively with custom built tools and applications by Analytix in line with your business.

          Our technology-based solutions enable you to increase productivity, efficiency & profits.

          Our Customized F&A systems for SMEs are designed with high speed, efficiency & accuracy across the entire development phase.

          Our incremental, iterative and lean design process creates market-leading products that meets both business and user requirements.

          We use rapid-prototyping to brainstorm product features, current & future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost.

          Our engineered products align with the business challenges of the digital marketplace and constitutes a model that reduces cost, increases efficiency and addresses business complexities.

          Analytix creates a digital journey roadmap and the transformation to:

          • Empower your employees
          • Align compliance
          • Empower you with accurate forecasts
          • Provide performance insights for decisions

          Our BI dashboards use your data to create reporting and analysis capabilities for your business without major investments in technology.

          Analytix provides web design and PWA experts that will work with you to align your brand with a cutting-edge design and user experience interface, to create either a simple one-page website or a complex portal.

          Web Integration -involves a process of connecting all the outputs, activities and components essential for optimizing performance in line with business outcome.

          Our intuitive web and mobile solutions cater to the evolving business needs and empower our customers with innovative solutions.

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          Real Estate

          Real Estate

          So Much To Construct! portals & websites, tools, apps, leads, collaboration

          Transforming real estate business with digital apps & tools to reach sellers and buyers with optimal return

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          Web & mobile apps for real estate enable practitioners to view and showcase property on their smart devices, and provide access to key business data, KPIs and reports and help in acquiring and tracking clients and prospects.

          Our Property Renting Solutions offer rental property listing, search & booking, along with F&A and legal alignment functionality in the app.

          Our app for Lead Management connects to property databases plus a built-in customized search, with tracking and meeting alert manages the progress.

          Our data and content solutions like database cleansing, data analytics, records and maintenance add value to your business needs and demands.

          Analytix assimilates raw data from multiple diverse sources to transform that into high-value information, analytics and services. This information enables decisions across the entire property lifecycle.

          Our custom developed ECM solutions play an effective role in handling any form of data with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

          Our enterprise portal solutions for real estate creates a storehouse of property information & listings, agent login, Lead Management System powered by navigational tools, virtual tour feature, photo/videos.

          Analytix turns your website into a revenue generation engine. Our team of web designers, content specialists, technology professionals build sites that increases your conversion rates.

          Our spealizedweb integration connects all the outputs, activities, components essential to optimize performance in line with defined business outcome.

          We develop mobility enabled collaboration tools seamlessly integrating agents and customers to upload and manage documents. This can help agents and property managers to connect with customers on the go, as well as effective management of leads.

          Some of the tool development that we can do:

          • Tools for collaborating with client
          • Customized home search and listing tools
          • Social apps for agent-client collaboration
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          IT & <br/>Hi-tech

          IT &

          So Much To Build On! Engineering support, costreduction, reach, resources.

          Our agile engineers & digital product designers use a knowledge-feedback process to create future-ready products

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          From large scale complex enterprise infrastructure software to cross-platform vertically-focused software –our flexible agile software development model ensure that you can deploy your products & apps on time.

          We serve you with our dedicated team of skilled domain experts, with the best of technology and infrastructure, ensuring longterm commitment to your tech road map.

          Our process-centric digital solutions, agile processes, and industry-specific analytics enable high tech companies to create value and build business growth from their partnerships with us.

          We use rapid-prototyping to brainstorm product features, current & future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost.

          Our engineered products align with the business challenges of the digital marketplace and constitutes a model that reduces cost, increases efficiency and addresses business complexities.

          Analytix digital engineering is not about technology and its implementation, but a business solution to impact the way you are operating and generating revenues and connecting with customers.

          Our digital engineering combines data, solutions & integrating digital tools to develop innovative products and solutions for new age businesses.

          Cloud Engineering -enabler of transformation of business Mobility Solutions -improve operational efficiency and productivity

          Our unique cost-effective model “Rent an Agile Team” is an integrated extended team that creates a near ownership experience and increased level of predictability of output through process maturity.

          A pre-built cost-effective model that provides up to 40-50% cost saving on team, set-up, systems, environment and infrastructure

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          So Much To Deliver! Records & data, productivity apps & tools, and critical workflows

          Give healthcare organizations the tools they need to increase the accessibility and quality of care

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          Our solutions address the needs of a busy medical practitioner by reducing the following:

          • Reviewing countless reports of practice management
          • payroll and accounting systems
          • Acquire the insights of the practice

          Our digital applications, products & mobility solutions are developed using input from top industry experts and delivers relevant, actionable, consolidated metrics from disparate systems in a single place.

          Providing your patients with high quality care while simultaneously running the business side of your practice can be very challenging.

          Analytix facilitates balancing these two challenges by conveying the most relevant and important inputs and indicators for you practice ops and assessment.

          Our web and mobile solutions for veterinarians, are designed with input from top industry experts providing information that is accurate and readily available.

          From large scale complex enterprise infrastructure software to cross-platform vertically focused software, we ensure that software vendors can release their healthcare products on time.

          We create:

          • Medical Billing Software
          • Clinic Management Software
          • Health Systems EHR
          • Hospital management system

          We serve you with our dedicated team of skilled resources, ensuring long-term commitment to your product’s road map.

          Our Web Apps incorporate the functionality that’s essential for many organizations and include a wide range of web features and new innovative initiatives that can improve healthcare:

          • Web-based healthcare staff training module
          • Integrated HCIS for a consolidated IT infrastructure
          • Web apps for home agencies with remote team
          • Health apps for patients with reminders for self-care
          • Data capture and analysis
          • BI & reporting dashboards for operations
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          So Much To Connect! Streamline processes, analyze results, integrate data and automate systems

          Technology solutions to make day to day franchise operations simpler, effective, productive and profitable

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          With over 15 years of franchise experience, Analytix innovates technology driven products and solutions to serve the everchanging demands of the competitive franchise marketplace.

          Some of the features of our franchise management:

          • Financial management created by industry experts
          • Ops management scalable to support your growth
          • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for strategies
          • Flexibility for new systems, or use existing software
          • Solutions extending from F&A to daily operations

          Predictive analytics that helps you to take your business forward by using existing data, analyzing it and predicting future trends and insights accurately.

          Industry specific dashboards provide analysis of your business with graphical, interactive reporting that is fast easy to use.

          Solutions built specifically to serve the analytics needs of franchise owners to extend customer base, predict sales and stock and increase orders.

          We plan & design website and portal solutions for your business by integrating technologies, tools, platforms, and attributes specific to franchise needs.

          Our UI/UX design enables and enhances the user experience for your clients leading to more connects.

          We address the franchise ecosystem design by integrating resource planning, partner management, inventory, CRM etc.

          We create contemporary company web portal that supports your business and integrates all processes.

          Our mobility experts with in-depth knowledge of technology and the franchise business deliver results that transform your business effectively.

          • Native platform-specific app development (iOS, Android)
          • Apps on Cross-platform tools like Xamarin, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile
          • Our Progressive Web App Development creates an extraordinary amalgamation of mobile and web to create a web-mobile class experience
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