About Us

Analytix IT Solutions is a specialized division of Analytix Solutions, an end-to-end professional services provider for small to medium size businesses and partners. For over a decade, businesses turn to us for scalable, quality and personalized services when their growth is outpacing their internal bandwidth or when external, specialized skill sets are required.

In addition to our dedicated IT division, Analytix offers comprehensive Finance and Cloud-Based Accounting solutions as well as Business Intelligence applications tailored to unique industry verticals through its Insight360 by Analytix Solutions platform. Analytix has offices in Massachusetts, Florida and India.

Why Analytix IT Solutions


Personalized Services

We assign each client company an Account Manager with the skills and experience to seamlessly guide projects through to completion. From strategic goal setting to managing production and development, your project remains our priority.


Guaranteed Information Security

We are an IT solutions company with a local certified data center, compliance with ISO 27001, and systematic processes guided by best practice standards. This enables us to guarantee data security and faster-time-to market.


Industry Intelligence

Both IT and business management experts bring practical experience from a range of industries, inspiring solutions that are guided by the market trends, technologies and design drivers that matter most to you.



We’ve figured a way to keep our costs down which means that we can do the same for your business, without any compromise to the quality of service or the skill level of our people.

Meet the management team

At Analytix, we believe that the experience and skill sets of all our colleagues should be fully leveraged to have the greatest impact on the services we provide. Together, we work with our internal team of over 150 programmers, engineers, web designers and IT specialists to provide our clients with services that are cutting-edge and effective.

Satish Patel
Founder & Ceo, Analytix Solutions
Professional Background

For over 20 years, Satish has been an entrepreneur and a CPA providing business solutions for startups and small to mid-sized businesses concerning information technology, finances and internal operations. After successfully helping multiple companies, Satish’s passion to guide businesses through their unique challenges as they proceed through various stages of growth led him to form Analytix Solutions in 2006. A true Renaissance man in the world of business, Satish has a panoramic understanding of the intersection of technology, business and finance. At the heart of his vision is the belief that success is grounded in considerate, honest relationships, a philosophy he lives by when engaging his clients, his colleagues and his community.

What Others Think

Clients praise Satish as a business visionary, an acute strategic thinker and a devoted partner. They appreciate his involvement in projects and the range of expertise and past successes he brings to bear on them. To colleagues, Satish is a generous mentor and a resourceful leader committed to the highest standards of client service.

For Fun

Satish gets a kick out of the continuous challenge of building applications and testing new functionalities. When he’s not busy setting his sights on the horizons of successful business solutions, Satish enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two sons.

Sujal Shah
IT Manager
Professional Background

Sujal has over a decade of experience managing IT projects across a wide range of domains. He has been a long-time colleague at Analytix, overseeing both internal and clients’ IT infrastructure, software development, quality assurance and website development. His passion for building systems and processes has led to dramatic improvements in IT and business efficiencies. Sujal is an expert at both software architecture and IT infrastructure. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications.

What Others Think

Sujal is appreciated for his analytical skills and is seen as a vital part of Analytix’ IT operations. He is admired for being a hands-on leader who always wears a big, gleaming smile around the office.

For Fun

Sujal lives and breathes all things technology. He also enjoys playing with his two young children, spending time with his wife and listening to his favorite tracks.

Pratik Amin
IT & Infrastructure Manager
Professional Background

Pratik is a seasoned IT veteran with over 20 years of rich experience in handling complex infrastructure projects. For over a decade, he has extended his business expertise across different industries and markets to help Analytix offer on point solutions to its clients. Pratik has also led and been an individual contributor to software product development projects. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

What Others Think

Pratik is an invaluable asset to the Analytix Boston office. A team player who always goes above and beyond, he happily takes on roles outside of his normal job duties.

For Fun

Pratik enjoys taking on home improvement projects, world travel excursions and spending quality time with his wife and two children.

Jagruti Patel
IT Project Manager
Professional Background

Jagruti has excelled as an IT professional and a Project Manager through undertakings ranging from launching internet start-ups to managing extensive telecommunications projects within the UK as well as the European community. Accounting for every project detail and what-if scenario, she has leveraged her aptitude for all things technical to lead teams through multi-faceted assignments.

What Others Think

Jagruti is a creative manager and a problem solver and is always brimming with ideas which has helped her become an invaluable asset to her clients. Resourceful, meticulous and uncannily energetic, Jagruti is known for tireless commitment to her projects, her clients and her colleagues.

For Fun

Jagruti relishes her time with her two young children and family. She also loves to travel and explore different cultures and corners of the world. Otherwise, she says you can find her playing a mean game of volleyball.

Nalin Patel
IT& Accounting Project Manager
Professional Background

Nalin came to Analytix with over thirty years of experience in roles ranging from Information Systems Specialist to CFO. By combining technical prowess and financial expertise Nalin understands the needs, goals and language of clients and how to best apply the technological solutions Analytix has to offer.

What Others Think

Nalin has a well-earned reputation for surpassing client expectations by driving projects to unforeseen levels of success. A leader, a problem solver and a tireless worker, Nalin truly becomes an invaluable extension of the client’s team.

For Fun

Nalin unwinds by spending time with his family & friends while enjoying the Florida coastline. He also enjoys cooking alongside a good bottle of wine.

Sergey Kazakov, Ph.D.
Director of Product Strategy
Professional Background

Sergey’s operational management experience, mastery of economic and statistical analysis and UI/UX insights make him a vital member of the team. Sergey has analyzed the unique business needs of countless clients and tailored software solutions that successfully transformed the way they do business. He has also optimized the user experience and functional aspects of design across both websites and applications.

What Others Think

Sergey’s analytical and technical abilities have led to the success of industry-changing technologies for clients. By always keeping the client’s big-picture operations in mind Sergey insures a smooth, timely and effective implementation process. Around the office Sergey has a reputation for his relentless commitment to projects and congenial demeanor.

For Fun

When taking a break from analysis and product design, Sergey can be found reading or jamming out on his guitar.

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